"'Simbang Gabi' Ushers in Philippine Christmas" (Crowded 3 and 4 A.M. masses throughout the country until Christmas)

The Philippine people are filling their Catholic churches at very early masses until Christmas. The article linked below speaks of 4 A.M. masses but there also are many 3 A.M. masses, many Filipinos out of devotion making a point of going to them every day until Christmas. The picture at the top of this article shows one crowded Philippine church during such a mass. At some parishes all later daily masses are cancelled because everyone goes to these very early masses.
85% of the people in the Philippines are Catholics.
see www.philstar.com/headlines/2013/12/16/1268610/simbang-gabi-ushers-pinoy-christmas

We are having the Simbang Gabi novena masses at my church. They are being offered up for the sunami victims. God bless them and their families. Praying for them. Praying also for all who have lost their lives or are missing.

I wish I could make all 9 days. But until I go up to my parents’ place, the local ones almost all are held at times where the buses don’t run (don’t own a car).

So far, I have attended the second day of Misa de Gallo.

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