Simeon - North or South

I am confused as to which kingdom included the tribe of Simeon. I have read that the southern kingdom was comprised of Judah and Benjamin, but I have also read that Simeon was absorbed by Judah in the time of Joshua. If thats the case then only 9 tribes made up the northern kingdom.

Can someone help with this?

I don’t recall anything in the book of Joshua about “absorption,” but the maps usually show Simeon as an island, so to speak, surrounded on all sides by Judah. The Biblical text explains that “The inheritance of the tribe of Simeon formed part of the territory of Judah; because the portion of the tribe of Judah was too large for them, the tribe of Simeon obtained an inheritance within their inheritance.” (Josh 19:9).


I think the Northern tribes were:

  1. Asher
  2. Napthali
  3. Zebulon
  4. Issachar
  5. Joseph: Manasseh (1/2 tribe of Joseph) Ephraim (1/2 tribe of Joseph)
  6. Dan
  7. Gad
  8. Reuben (relocated)

Levi had no territory, and Simeon was not always counted as a tribe (not in Judges iv., v., nor in Deut. xxxiii).

If one were to exclude Simeon as having been absorbed into Judah, then the most probable ten northern tribes would be

Manasseh East
Manasseh West

This is just a guess.

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