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I am wondering what you all think about the situation below, if it is a mortal sin or not? I already made a post about it, but I am curious how big of a sin.

Just to make a long story short, I chat with this guy I met from online on a messenger app and we also text on the phone. In the beginning, I lied about my age (said I was younger than I am) and I sent him 2 pics that were of me and the rest were not me but looked similar to me. I really enjoy talking to him as a friend and he’s respectful as well. But, is this wrong to talk to him since I lied about my age and some photos of mine weren’t me? Do you think it’s ok to still talk as friends, or should I stop? I plan on going to confession soon anyway and adding this to my confession, but I am wondering if it’s ok to still talk to him.

We answered your questions in your other post.

And you never responded with your age. How old are you?

Actually we are not allowed to ask that question…

(I know long list of rules and most do not realize this…but we are not)

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