Similarities b/ OT & NT kingdom Schisms (1517 + 490 = 2007)


bear with me, I will get to the point of how this applies to the exact date of the beginning of Protestantism. Anyway, this is just something I’ve been pondering as a Catholic:

In the OT, from what I understand, there was a great division between the North Kingdom and the South Kingdom. The North took 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel with it, leaving Judah behind with only 2, and yet, the true kingship remained with Judah. Well, anyway, we know in Catholicism that the 12 apostles are a type of the twelve tribes of Israel. Well, anyway, I know it may be crazy, but in both Catholic and Orthodox belief, the Apostles left successors in the Bishops, and, in particular there are five [four?] Apostolic Sees. Well, anyway, of course, in the NT history there was a great schism, not between north and south but between east and west, and just as the seceding party took most of the tribes in the OT, so the seceding Orthodox took all but one of the Apostolic Sees, that is, all but Rome, which, nevertheless, is the true kingship (the Pope of Popes).

Well anyway, to go on, because of their respective “apostasies”, God of course chastised both the North and Southern kingdoms, and yet, it was the North, by way of Assyria that was chastised **first **(wasn’t it somewhere around the 710’s or 720’s BC), whereas only later was Judah chastised by Babylon.

Well, I’m just thinking, just as there were these two great arch enemies of the People of God, Assyria and Babylon, so in the modern era, the two great Kingdoms of Christendom, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, are under assault by different but equally evil spiritual kingdoms, the one being ATHEISTIC MATERIALISM and the other RELATIVISTIC, HEDONISTIC MATERIALISM, and, I know I must be crazy, but the Orthodox (who are, according to this analysis a fulfillment of the North) have already been chastised by the former, communism, whereas the chastisement of the west yet remains.

What does this have to do with Protestantism? Well, I’m just thinking, Judah was chastised an eye for an eye so to speak, in that it was 490 years that Judah had not been keeping the seventh year Sabbath for the land that their chastisement with Babylon came. Well, anyway, it’s interesting to note that the Protesant Rebellion began in 1517, whereas, the chastisement for the Orthodox began in 1917. Moreover, 490 years from **1517 **is 2007, and we note that there is considerable data from fully approved Catholic mystics that predict the sign that the Minor Chastisement is about to begin (a dress rehearsal for the end of the world, so to speak) is that a civil war will break out at nearly the same time in France and Italy. Now note, we are only about a year away from 2007, France and Italy are not in stable condition, and the Minor Apostasy is in full swing in the west. This makes me scared that the West’s chastisement for hedonistic materialism may be simply a year away.


please note my mistake above: it now reads correct: France and ITALY, not Germany.


Please note another point: On the very eve of this monstrosity that the atheists were about to inaugurate in 1917, Our Dear Mother visits earth, in the name of a place that bears the name of Muhammed’s [wife/daughter?], Fatima, to anounce to mankind the impending horrors to face the Church in Russia, the place of one of the greatest seats of Orthodoxy. And yet, even though her warnings are have epic proportions, She proclaims that, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

Analogously, the overwhelming evidence from the same mystics that speak of an intermediate apostasy and tribulation to occur before the final set, they ultimately give hope: Inevitably, the faith is restored, and they largely suggest, as the cause, the Reunion of Christians.

Would this not, then, be the ultimate fulfillment of the OT Prophecies that speak of the Reunion of the Divided Kingdoms. For is not the subject of the prayed for unity of His Disciples a significant aspect of Christ’s theology (especially John 17:20-23)?

I don’t know, but when Jesus said, “Amen, Amen, I say to you, … It will all be fulfilled,” I don’t think He was joking!

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