Similarities in promises of Satan to Adam & Eve, and the promises of the Eucharist


I’m afraid to even ask this question, afraid of offending Jesus, but He knows it’s in my head, so I may as well ask it here (right?, gulp).

Has anyone read any thing that can steer me straight on this? I was struck all of a sudden by the similarities between the promises Satan made to Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and the promises of the church says of the Eucharist: eternal life, sharing divinity with God, knowing (or teaching) the difference between good and evil.

Please help!


The promises are striking, but you need to keep in mind what actually happened - Adam and Eve (and Satan, for that matter) sought equality with God on their own terms. Jesus and Mary (our new Adam and Eve) sought God’s terms, and God granted them a share in His kingdom and the promises of the Eucharist (well…Jesus already was the King of Kings and the Eucharist…but you get the drift).

If you need more, please ask.


Well, Satan had to put doubt into the mind of Eve to shift her position from one of obedience to that of disobedience. He didn’t have the power to give her the knowledge of good and evil, but the fruit did, and in that he told the truth, but he also planted a lie in her mind, something Jesus never did nor had to do in order to give eternal life to his followers.

And the eternal life Jesus promises is one of perfected love. Satan could not have offered that to Adam and Eve. The gift of eternal life would have kept them in their sins forever if they had eaten of the tree of life after having disobeyed God by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure others can add much more to my perspective on this subject.


Satan was trying to get Adam and Eve to disobey God. Plus he was trying to convince them they could be great without God. But with the Eucharist we become great because of the union we have with God.

Satan’s way: Become great without God (a lie)

God’s way: Become great with God (truth)

God Bless


Satan’s general modus operandi is to take a good and corrupt it. It is also God’s method to take an evil and bring about a greater good. Satan offered a corrupt way for Man to know good and evil and ‘become as gods’. This severed his connection to God and eternal life. It seems no accident that God would have made the very same promises through a different means, one that preserved the natural order and Mankind’s proper place in the universe. God took the desires of Man and ordered them toward a greater good. It is perhaps even possible that the reason God chose the Eucharist to do this was to show His superiority to Satan.


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