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Hey all, I received an accusation that the church was started by a man named Simon Magus. I did some poking around online and found lots of anti Catholic garbage, but nothing credible at all. I went on caf and on one thread, someone suggested that it was really Simon Magus buried in Rome and not Peter. Also, they claimed that he was really the first Pope. Are there any historical refutations to this, because it’s really bugging me. :slight_smile: They claim that the true church has been supposedly underlying for the past 2000 years. I looked that up and found some really bizarre stuff. Can someone refute this?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you!

The sin of ‘Simony’ was first committed by Simon Magus, and named for him. His action was condemned by Saint Peter. See Acts 8. Bishop Henry G. Graham in his excellent and quickly read book Where We Got The Bible describes this. An excellent book for all Christians.

Thanks for the suggestion. Certainly will check out the book.

You can get used copies in very good/excellent condition at ThriftBooks, Amazon or eBay.

Outstanding suggestion!
You can find the text online at Where we got the Bible

Even lower cost! :thumbsup: Between Where We Got The Bible and James Cardinal Gibbons’ Faith Of Our Fathers, Catholicism is placed in perfect perspective.

I think he was used as a deception, I remember reading some strange things about Magus, how he flew or was lifted up in thin air in front of a large crowd of people, I guess to trick people into thinking he was something special…?

I have read similar things. There seem to be different stories.

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