Simon of Cyrene

I know that the heaviness of the cross as He carried it was partly due to it’s being the weight of the sins of the world. What I wonder is if it was lighter when Simon of Cyrene carried it. IOW whether the same cross became lighter or if it stayed the same weight even then, since Jesus hadn’t yet died for our sins.


Nice thread! I think the cross would have been made a tiny bit lighter but I don’t think it would have made a whole lot of difference to the total weight Jesus felt he was carrying - physically, mentally and spiritually. Although his heart might have lifted at the thought of receiving help for a moment, from love for Simon. If anything, I believe that it was Simon of Cyrene who benefitted from having helped Jesus, and probably, despite the weight of the cross, Simon may have felt his burdens lift, for as Jesus said: “…my yoke is easy and burden light”.

Excellent question to speculate on. I’d say the cross remained the same weight. Rather than lighten the strain for Jesus, Simon shared the burden, and as the above poster said, this caused relief for Simon, just as it causes all of us relief to not only bear our own crosses, but to help others bear theirs too. This is how we become more like Jesus, and only though Him do we find true peace.

Pax Christi!

Who says the cross bore the weight of all the world’s sins? Are you thinking of St. Christopher, who carried the Christ-child, Who weighed as much as all sins?

Just wondering…

God bless.

Thank you for your replies.

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