Simony remove someone from Apostolic Succession? Catholic and Orthodox

Does Simony remove a priest or bishop from the line of apostolic succession?

I found this statement on the Orthodox Church:

“the Church asserts that Apostolic Succession also requires Apostolic Faith, and bishops without Apostolic Faith, who are in heresy, forfeit their claim to Apostolic Succession.[57]”

Is that saying the Orthodox would remove someone from the line due to Simony?

Simony is a crime and a sin. It’s not a heresy.

Now, I suppose that if somebody convinced himself that simony was not a crime, and that the Lord and the Apostles really taught that you should be able to buy offices, and that the whole bit in Acts about Simon Magus was just a big lie added after the fact, by evil poverty-stricken monks (blah blah blah justification blah) …

… Yep, that would be a heretical belief.

But simony itself is just another form of crookedness. It’s not heresy.

Mintaka is correct. Simony is not a heresy. It is a sin of grave matter.

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