Simony via crowdfunding?

I’m considering using crowdfunding as a source of tuition money with which to send my child to Catholic high school. I would like to offer some sort of reward for people who contribute. I was thinking of offering to say a prayer for their chosen intention, or a Rosary, or some such thing as a way of thanking them for their contribution. But, would that be the selling of something spiritual for money? That’s not my intent, but it sounds like maybe that might be what I would be doing…?

We are required to pray for others because God asked us to do so, because that is what Christ would do, because it’s just plain right. Our reward is increased faith and grace. I would never personally “charge” for what I would do anyway. It would cheapen the act. I would feel like I was trying to sell God’s help.

Instead, pray for God to help with obtaining the tuition. Get a part-time job to help cover the cost. Have your child earn some money for it by babysitting, washing cars, etc.

Check with the school. The Catholic high school my niece attends allows parents/students to work on the grounds in exchange for reduced tuition- they tend a huge garden the sisters have, they do landscaping, they clean/keep up the football field and stands, etc. Perhaps they have some sort of program at your school. They may also have need-based scholarships, athletic scholarships or academic scholarships.

Don’t sell God’s help. It’s unseemly. Trust your gut on this one. It feels wrong for a good reason.

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