I am a little worried. I ordered a set containing holy water and holy oil for a relative but I was told it is a sin to buy anything that is blessed.

From my understanding it was a sin to pay for the blessing itself. :confused:

Well I don’t know about that…just get it blessed by your parish priest and you should be alright. Pretty sure simony is the selling of indulgences or paying for the forgiving of sin and you have to be of the priesthood to do that.

As far as I see it, no sin on your side. I think that sacramentals (blessed items) should not be sold - though usually they are sold and later blessed. But if sold, the blessing is simply gone.

These items do not appear to be sacramentals - at least not yet. The word “holy” appears to be loosely based on the name “Holy Land” - thus “holy soil”, “holy water”, etc. Ex. I doubt the “holy water” was exorcised and blessed according to the proper rite :slight_smile: The same applies to the “holy candle”: I don’t think it has been blessed by a priest :shrug:

You may want to inquire whether these items were blessed before purchase (just to know what is going on here) or whether they’d be blessed after purchase. However, I am guessing they’ll reply that no priest ever blessed these items and that it’s up to you to do so :slight_smile:

Paying for a blessing would be simony.

Simony, is not praying for a blessing. Have never seen that.

Simmony is the buying of an office, or selling of an office of the church.

the buying and selling of ecclesiactial preferment…

ecclesiacitial organization or government of the church…

tecnically, you could veiw this site as an act of simmony in that its object is to profit from the selling what is deemed as religious opinion and the selling of an agenda to what or how some want other to think. that is more so simmony than indulgeces actually…

indulgences are more, that, facing the fact of having to make sins right, they cant be just automaticly, forgiven, even in confession, but rather that reminder (through a priest) , only God can forgie sin. We can tell others we are sorry, but God, has the actually say…

sin cannot be reasoned away, it must be healed.

indulgences recognize, that we must recognize, we cant merely go to confession to have sin forgiven, we truely have to sorry, to never commit again, but to ALSO, as indulgences remind us, go and heal the sin… indulgences hold our feet to the fire of reminding us, we have to heal sin, we cannot reason it away… as the protestan church wants to, devoid of recognition that only God can forgive our sins, and we cannot reason it away…

New Advent explains that, while the term Simony was initially coined after the issues you listed, it has since been expanded to account for the sale and purchase of sacramental and other -supernatural- objects. Listed as examples are blessed rosaries and Holy Oils.

So, I would not limit the definition of Simony to just what Wikipedia describes (as that is closer to what I understand your argument is). the real question, as has been pointed out, is whether or not these items are actually blessed. There are a few typos in the description, so it may be a matter of translation or even fancy sales language.

I would agree that you should inquire as to whether or not the items have been blessed, as that may not be something you’d want to do.

ah, we recognize the evolment of lauguage, words, and no we didnt get that from, winkypee…

but, it is a good challenge question, to is this site committing, simony, when it attepts to sell a reigious idea or concept, that has a questionable influence to shape peoples thought by an agenda?

simony is a good question, for if a man marries a women, and then goes and attepts to spread the Gospel, or word of God to people, in the sense of, making a living, by being one of the christian community gathers programs leaders, and with that trying to make a living at it, is that simony?

and it could be contemplated, that he really cant alow the Holy Spirit to work through him to say sin and hell is real, and to commit mortal sins can damn one to eternal death, as is often noted by saints, because thats not what the people want to hear, so he, will starve to death if he doesnt tell them what they want to hear, rather than the Truth of the Church… very interesting, very interesting.

simony, is very common, many Catholic priest subscribe to the new Liberalized faith, that says they say what makes people happy, and keeps them coming back, but thats simmony… also.
they are selling their office, for acceptance, or denial, that its presumption that we are going to heaven…denial, of the church and the Tradition that, pergatory, and helll are real.

good question, thats for sure, its definitely, not understood, nor recognized.

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