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Hi all,

I have what may be a simple question. I notice that when I go to Confession I simply list my sins, lay it all out, and then sometimes get a few words of advice and then get my absolution. In general this takes at most for me 5 minutes. However, it always feels like I am the fastest one in the confessional when I’m in line. Am I doing something wrong that it’s over with so quickly for me? Am I not spending enough time in an examination of conscience? I’d really like your advice because I feel that I may be missing something.



Mortal sins are to be confessed in number and kind (and that which changes the kind -like the gold cup one stole was from the Church).

Venial sins need not any number and can be more general - they need not be confessed (though good to do so-at least some that is).

One can make a very good confession in a rather short time. 5 minutes is good.

A good book is “Frequent Confession” by Benedict Baur.


Don’t let that trouble you. As long as you’re not deliberately withholding mortal sins, you’re doing fine.

If you’d like to enrich your confessions, the book recommended by Bookcat is an INCREDIBLE book! I have read it, and it totally changed my view on Confession. I highly recommend it.

“Frequent Confession” by Benedict Baur


Thre are many questions you can ask yourself here:
1)do you go to the same confessor, does he know you?
2)is there a long line for confession?
3)if you are confessing venial sins, how many are you confessing?

I usually go to confession between 2 and 4 weeks. My own confessor tells me that instead of saying a long list of sins I should instead confess 2 or 3 things that I need to work on. That also gives my confessor some time to give me some counsel. Some priests however do not give long counsel, and simply say a few words. Its good that you are going, its not the length of time that matters.


As long as you confess all your mortal sins in number and in kind, then you shouldn’t worry too much.

Sometimes, people are going through an examination of conscience guidebook hitting every sin, talking to the priest or the priest spends a lot of time giving advice.




I’m the same. In and out. Bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been three weeks since my last confession. I wish to confess a… b… c… and d… and for anything else I’ve forgotten or was unaware.

Sometimes it comes with feelings of incredible joy, sometimes solemn, other times it feels empty. Any of the three of those are from the hand of God so long as you have done what you were supposed to do, so do not fear, but try your best to make sure you are seeking God’s forgiveness.


I have wondered exactly the same question many times!!!


No problem with how you are doing it. Maybe you’re just better prepared than most people.


That’s exactly what I was going to say.


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