Simple English Settings of the Propers

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone know of very simple settings of the english propers in the OF (Introit, Offeretory, Communion). In particular, if anyone knows, the settings they use in the Indianapolis cathedral. I really liked them (because cantor could read them). I would like to try and get them in my parish. The ones they used had accompinent, if that helps, but it was very simple, and could have been made for the occasion.


Opps.:blush: the above area was supposed to read (because any cantor could read them).

Take a look here, for starters.

Besides some of the options named at Mark Thompson’s link there is also Paul F. Ford’s “By Flowing Waters” which is an English adaptation of the Graduale Simplex, a book meant to provide simple propers for mass.

Here is a good link to use

They are relatively simple settings. There are also resources in the MusicaSacra site some of which are very simple and are in English.

Simple Propers Project -

Adam Bartlett’s Simple English Propers, which have been linked to earlier, have worked well in my parish. It is a great way to teach chant notation to those who are not as familiar with it. I think it is a wonderful first step on the bridge to – eventually – singing the full Gregorian propers at Mass.

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