Simple First Communion Dresses


My daughter will be receiving her first communion this year. She is very much a tomboy but has agreed to wear a dress if it is plain (no lace, flowers or poofy anything.) I am having a hard time finding anything of the sort. Anyone have a source for simple First communion dresses?


Would a white skirt and a white top be easier to find in her particular style?

WHen my daughters took first communion, the little girls were all wearing a variety of dress styles, so perhaps a skirt and shirt would be all right.


You also might want to look into having one made for her, if there’s time. That way you could take her to a fabric store to choose an acceptable pattern and fabric. Unfortunately I have no idea how much this would cost, but considering how much one has to shell out in stores sometimes for kids’ clothing the cost might end up being similar.


Check out this one - it’s super simple - and have a seamstress remove the collar for you. :slight_smile:


Leaflet Missal has several simple dresses. They don’t seem to have many pictures up yet (early in the “season”) but my neice got one there that was a simple A-line dress without any embellishments.


I looove that dress! It seems even more appropriate for First Communion than the big poofy ones.




Thank you all so much for your input.


Those dresses are all beautiful and appropriate. But one beautiful idea I have heard of is from a catechist in Tennessee who after giving some very beautiful presentations on the rite of baptism over the course of a few years, and after much time for reflection and the first communion retreat and so on, provides them each with a garment that looks like an old-fashioned baptismal garment (like the ones the church used to provide), only it’s larger to fit them. During their retreat, they have time to cross-stitch a red cross on the garment right over the heart and they wear it with great pride, much as a bride wears her wedding dress all day long and refuses to take it off because of the joy associated with it. These children are well prepared. it’s not something that is just handed to them on the day of their first communion, but you may be able to take that idea and use it somehow. On the surface if you look at the garment and then look at the beautiful white dresses that are out there, you as a mom might be disappointed b/c it isn’t frilly or girly at all. It’s a very symbolic kind of garment. But the children who are so prepared love it and as I said refuse to take it off. It means so much to them because it represents their first day to receive Christ.


I have been trying to order for my granddaughter one of the simple dresses I saw during the Holy Father’s last visit to Germany. He was at Vespers at a cathedral (I think) and all the little girls in the area wore their First Communion dresses, very simple, long sleeved, MODEST, did not look like other dresses I’ve seen.

If not, then I am looking at seasonal closeout stores. Her great-aunt and her mother wore a white Easter dress that had a pastel sash. The sash was removed and a white one put in place. Alas, they were cotton, and nobody preserved them.

Veils are easy. Either use the online recommendations, get a pattern and tulle, or get a kit (yes, in girl sizes) from Wilton.


I could find out where the lady in our parish bought the backless, low cut, halter top First Communion dress for her daughter a couple years ago, if you like? :eek:
(yes I’m joking! - not about the dress, but about thinking you would want it!).


there is a simplicity pattern for a simple princess style dress in 3 lengths, it is a classic, you should find it without trouble even tho I don’t have the number, I have used it for 1st comm, flower girl, and other party dresses, it can be made in a day or two, allowing time for fitting and measuring the hem. it can have an attached self-tie or ribbon tie. 4 sleeve styles, sleevless, cap sleeve, slightly puff sleeve or straight. It can be made very dressy by cutting it out twice, under fabric of satin etc. and over fabric of lace, eyelet, or nylon. Or it can just be cut once in any fabric plain or print. It even works with a double-knit if you cut it right.


My MIL (now deceased) made a dress for our oldest. We picked out the pattern and she chose the fabric and made the dress. Both of our girls wore it.

I made the veil out of my wedding veil :slight_smile: —KCT


But Annie, it has sleeves. Does this mean it has a back, and no slits cut out of the side?:wink:


Good discussion. My parish requires all children wear a white robe over their clothes. It is like a graduation robe. We had to buy it in 2005 for our son. Hopefully it will fit for my girls.

My wife is not Catholic and is hriified by the mini bride/prom dress motiff. These girls are all Jon Beneted out and it is a shame.

The celebration is all about the clothes, party, gifts but very little about the Lord.

Even though the girls had to wear the same robe my son had on they were all in a white dress and tiaras too. I can’t see the point of buying a $200 dress to be worn under the robe. The parish has done this to try and force people to knock it off with the glamour but to no avail.


This is not an old idea. When I made my First Communion way back in 1965, robes were introduced, along with the Mass changes. They were rented. Boys wore white robes with midnight blue capes. Girls wore white robes with white capes. The idea was that a First Communion dress or suit was not even required. The robe was opaque enough for a girl to wear a slip under it, and a simple veil (had to have the head covering back then). The boys could wear dark blue trousers, white shirts and white ties.

Well, it didn’t work. Parents were upset because they weren’t asked, and brought on-board through reason. They were told. Period.

And while the boys did wear dark trousers, white shirts, and white ties under the robe for First Communion, many of them also had their First Communion photo taken in a sport coat of the matching jacket to the dark trousers.

The girls? Some parents actually did send them in just a slip. However, a lot of parents had already invested in a family First Communion dress for their girls, along with a veil, et al. And they weren’t going to let some nun who didn’t even dress as a nun tell them they had to send their daughters to their First Communion in a slip under a robe.

They tried it again the next year, only this time EVERYBODY wearing a white robe. Same thing. And they tried in 1967. Same thing. And in 1968, they rented robes with a big gold cloth cross down the center, that looked a lot like a deacon’s dolmation. And in 1969. Nope. No soap.

By the time my youngest sister made her First Communion in 1971, the robes were finally gone.

What to do? As painful as it is, the DRE might need to appoint dress police. I would never suggest on that day the DRE do the policing himself or herself. But, a list beforehand of what not to wear (no rotating madonna statues in a crown on the veils, along with no music boxes built into the headpiece; at least a little bolero jacket or some sort of sleeves for girls; nothing that looks as if it escaped from Hades itself for boys) might be the ticket. Then, the appointed dress police could do their thing.

It looks as if we’re going with a Simplicty pattern. In cotton.


Simplicity 4746 or 5645. Both have simple pieces.


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