Simple poll for Catholics. Convert, or Cradle?

Simple poll…just for my own knowledge of the ratio between converts and cradle Catholics on CAF.

Thanks for participating!

Cradle Catholic here, but didn’t really become a serious Catholic until reaching adult status.

I’m Catholic from the cradle, but wasn’t raised in the faith and even after becoming an adult I faltered. Thanks to God I’m here.


converted at the easter vigil this year at 17 years old.

I’m cradle, but like most, fell away and came back.

Converted in the Jubilee Year from Anglo-Catholic.

Swam the Tiber in 2006! :cool:

Deo Gratias!

Mine is similar to Augustine: cradle Catholic, began to attend Mass regularly (on my own, with my parents’ permission) at age 10, converted to Orthodoxy at age 23, reverted to Catholicism at age 36.
Deo gratias!

Well, I would like to vote, but can’t!! It says I may not vote in this poll. Does anyone know why???

I guess I am kind of both. Baptized Catholic and received confession, and communion at age nine, quit going to church with family shortly after baptism, never officially left, never joined another church, still to an extent considered myself Catholic just never went to church. Had my wake up call 2 months ago, am in RCIA to complete my sacraments on initiation and become confirmed—And loving every minute of it. :smiley:
God Bless

Well, I voted Cradle Catholic, but…I wasn’t baptized in the Catholic Church initially, I was baptized in a Methodist Church because neither of my parents were Catholic yet. However I was reaffirmed in the Catholic Church when I was 7, when my mom Converted. Since I didn’t ever go through RCIA, I just started RE when I was 7, I guess I’m mostly a Cradle Catholic. Of course there was the whole leaving and coming back thing as well…but thats a whole other story.

A happy, finally home convert! :thumbsup:

Cradle - I’ve been blessed with the Catholic faith since I was a kid.

I’m cradle catholic, but like many others strayed, and reverted.

I’m a convert, 2001, and my husband is a re-vert…that just sounds wrong:)

Baptized into the faith when I was about 9 years old.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

I’m a Revert… Born into the Catholic Faith, left the Church to Pentecostalism - convinced this was the true faith, began Christian history studies, lead back to the fullness of Christianity by the Holy Spirit. You need a poll option for “Reverts”!

Cradle Catholic. Both came from a long line of Catholic families

Yay for teenaged converts! I converted in '07 at the age of 16.

I would be interested in finding out also how many protestants are here too. Just for my own information.

“FP” So far, it looks like their running “neck & neck”. How exciting! It seems that there are an equal amount of “Cradle” and “Convert”.

Isn’t God GOOD!

Happy New Year! :winter:

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