Simple poll for Catholics. Convert, or Cradle?

I think you need a third category: revert. :slight_smile:

Like others have mentioned, while I was born “Catholic”, we did not attend Mass nor live a Catholic life in any way. When I got married, I did not even know how to say the Hail Mary.

Thanks be to God I married a good Catholic woman who prayed ceaselessly for my “conversion”.

Convert here! Swam the Tiber at the Easter Vigil 2006!

Was raised and baptised Baptist (of the Southern variety), then went Methodist, then finally made it Home to the CC at the ripe ole age of 47. :smiley:

simply put, i was raised Catholic, and was extremely religious up to the age of twelve, when i fell into darkness and away from the true Faith, but was reborn as a Christian on november 22, 2007, and returned to the Catholic Faith at the end of november 2008. :slight_smile:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:

Off-season convert. October 30, 2005.

Another off-season convert (that’s the first time I’ve heard that term… I hope you don’t mind me using it… :D). May 11, 2008. I might have also been a teenage convert if I hadn’t been so stubborn in thinking that I was predestined to be Presbyterian… :smiley:

God Bless!

Me as well. It feels good to be home!

Technically, convert. I was originally baptized Lutheran, but almost always went to Catholic Mass, and went to Catholic school for many years. I was brought into the church when I was around 7.

Convert, Christ the King 2007. :smiley:

Cradle to grave.

I am a convert. :slight_smile:

I am a cradle Catholic. From the time I was little I always remember knowing that God loves each and every one of us in a special way.

Same old story - raised Catholic, Catholic university, didn’t know the faith. Married a Baptist, didn’t have “assurance of salvation”, started attending Evangelical Free Church. Was ready to become a card carrying member of Free Church when an unknown grace prompted me to examine Catholicism a little closer before I abandoned her. Enter Karl Keating’s “Catholicism & Fundamentalism”. Swam back fast and can’t imagine not being Catholic. Long answer but I guess I’m officially a revert.

Well, I was baptised as an infant in 1955 in a Roman Catholic Church. At the age of 50 I went into RCIA as a Candidate and was Confirmed and participated in The Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. At that point, I knew that I was called to be a part of RCIA’s Ministry, an have since been either a sponsor or part of the team. I love that look in a converts eyes at the Easter Vigil as they are about to be either baptised and confirmed, or confirmed as a baptised Christian and then come to the Table with us all. It’s the culmination of a first time feeling like you have finally “Come Home”. There’s nothing like it! It’s an absolute Miracle! I love telling the converts my story of baptism, not knowing it untill I was 50 years old and then being led to The Church through the passing of John Paul II. Watching all of that on TV when it was happening sent me Home.

Mike G.

Born and raised in the Methodist church for the first 18 years. Lapsed (as is typical) during the college years. Floundered around in agnosticism/atheism for the next 12 years, give or take. Then God decided he’d had enough of all that and called me home. Converted (in heart and mind) Easter 2005 and confirmed October 9 of the same year.


I’m a convert. I was raised on the other end of the spectrum as a Southern Baptist, but always there was a draw to Catholicism. From signing myself (even though I didn’t do it right) to carrying my own created “rosary” to even lighting a candle in an under construction (Baptist) church one night. Even though I vehemently believed that Catholics “worshiped Mary” and “prayed to dead people” I still always felt that draw deep down.
My heart came home the first time I stepped into a Catholic Mass and saw the beautiful reverence displayed for God. It took me four years to actually go through RCIA, but I did it and before I found Catholic Answers I still didn’t understand my faith as deeply as I should. Now, because of CA, I am feverishly trying to drink in every single thing I can.
Praise be to God… I can never go back now because I know I’m home.

I voted “convert,” because I was a evangelical protestant for 40 years prior to coming into full communion with the Catholic Church on August 4, 2007. (I’m 53, baptised at age 12).

But I wouldn’t say I was a “convert,” because technically as a baptised Christian I was in partial communion with the Church. I bring this point up only because while I was a Protestant one of the factors God used to draw me fully into the Church was the gracious way many of my Catholic friends and teachers considered me a Christian brother, in partial communion with them and the Church. Starting from this basis made it much easier for me to open my eyes to the full Catholic truth.

In His love,

I’m a revert. Strangely, what brought me back to church was my son who is Evangelical and my brother-in-law who is a Lutheran. I saw how their faith in God really helped them, then I read the Bible and a lot of books about Christianity and then I went to Catholic Church. It was like coming home, so emotional and beautiful for me. I will never leave it again. But one thing I will never do either is to trash other Christian’s religions, because without those two Christians, I would not be a Catholic today!

Cool story, Christine! I’m with you! I’ve seen a lot of stories like this where Protestants actually help Catholics revert. I’ve also seen situations where Protestant family members have helped cradle Catholics go from lukewarm to on fire in their Catholic faith.

We all know stories where Protestant groups end up drawing Catholics away from their Catholic faith, so I think it is good to share cases like yours where Protestants have helped your Catholic faith. Thanks for sharing!

I’m a covert, 3 years ago in Kandahar Aghanistan!
although I was brought up Catholic and had always wanted to become Catholic it took me to the age of 28 to do so.

I’m cradle catholic, never leave my faith but get stronger when adult

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