Simple prayer question


How come in some prayers (viz. Hail Holy Queen) there is a “V:” followed by “R:”? What does this signify? Do you just pray it like normal or what?

And how come in some prayers (again I’m thinking specifically of the Hail Holy Queen) there is “let us pray”; just ‘sounds funny’ to me, to say that in solitary prayer, so if you could explain it’d be much appreciated.



They are abbreviations for “versicle” and “response.” When praying with a group of people, normally the priest/celebrant/leader takes the “V” parts and the congregation takes the “R” parts (or sometimes the congregation is divided into two halves or “choirs” with one side taking the “V” parts and the other side taking the “R” parts).

If you are praying alone, ignore them and pray all the parts yourself.

And you can simply leave out the “Let us pray” in solitary prayer (unless you want to invite the angels and saints to pray with you!).


…peace be with you…really…




As has been stated, V and R stand for versicle (or more simply verse) and response. It’s intended as a guide for when the prayer is prayed publicly. In much the same way, when the Rosary is prayed publicly there will usually be one person or one half of the group saying the first part of the prayers and the others will say the second half.

And I always say ‘Let us pray’. Not only are all the saints and angels praying with you, with one in six people on the planet being Catholic you can bet that SOMEONE out there is praying at the same time as yourself. As God’s children, all our prayers are joined in one act of prayer in Christ, as all our separate bodies are joined in His one body.


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