Simplifying the priorities


Does anyone have any advice on how to just get down to basics on what needs to be done. I am finding myself not able to continue both needs and wants. I have to strip away alot. Its tough though, because my wife's priorities and mine aren't always the same. Thoughts?


Well - without a great deal to go on, I'd say that the two of you need to sit down and determine "how" to prioritize. I mean if her priorities are different than yours are you using different sets of criteria. Are you using the same set of criteia but with differing weights given to each??

Another thing is to sit down and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a consiliatory attitude. If each takes this to heart, it will make it much easier to compromise and come to a consensus on what needs done in what order.



Great conversation starter! I've been asking myself that question for 32 years, since the first time I read Walden Pond when I was a Pagan. Then it became even more important to me when I became a Christian 20 years ago. And it became even more important 5 years ago when I decided to live as much as possible by the Rule of Saint Benedict. I started with the statement of our Lord to Martha when He was visiting Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Martha was "cumbered" and she wanted Jesus to tell Mary to get busy and help her. But Jesus said only one thing was necessary and Mary was doing that "one thing": sitting at His Feet and hearing His Word. I get all happy just repeating this! Have you read Walden Pond and the Rule of Saint Benedict?


Some info first: do you have kids?

There is something called ‘responsibilities of the present moment’ that has a lot to do with your ‘state in life’ , and the presence of children ( or not ) is a primary factor.


I say: do whatever your wife wants. :D


I get myself lost in the woods for a few hours-no cell phone, (or, off it's unfamiliar terroritory or your not good in the outside) a notebook, and a pencil. I come out with new story ideas and a renewed sense of what needs to get done.


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