Simulating Intrinsically Evil Acts


What constitutes simulating intrinsically evil acts?


I’m not sure what that phrase is supposed to mean. I’ve never heard of it. Perhaps you could supply some context?



What actions could you commit in a video game that would be sinful? Obviously, pornography is sinful, but what else?


Well, considering that when you commit an action in a video game you’re not actually committing the action, but simulating it, you’re not actually sinning. Arguments could be made that it’s imprudent or has deleterious effects on the minds of some people. But you can’t sin by doing something in a video game, or at least you can’t incur the guilt you would by having committed the sin in actuality.


There are some sins which are simulatable, such as murder, which are permitted in plays, movies etc. to advance the plot. But, there are unsimulatable sins, such as blasphemy, which would not be permitted.


So even if you’re playing a villain, you’re forbidden to say blasphemous lines?


You mean in terms of video games? Yes. You couldn’t say blasphemous lines.


How about when acting?


Same thing.


Besides blasphemy, what else is forbidden to be simulated?


Any sin which cannot be simulated. Like immodesty. I can’t think of others off the top of my head right now.


So basically, you’re forbidden to simulate acts if such simulation constitutes actually performing the forbidden act.


If that were the case, they wouldn’t be simulateable.


So then, what are we to make of the blasphemies recorded in Scripture, like the slanderous charges against Christ?


Historical accounts are one thing. Entertainment is another.


There’s probably better things to do with your time anyway.


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