Sin against the Holy Spirit? presumption? gluttony?

I am in a really bad situation and I have no idea what to think or do:(, so here’s the story: my dad picked me up from my friends house and we get into a really bad argument and I know I committed a mortal sin, and earlier that day and the day before that I mortally sinfully dishonored my mother and father, when I got back home I know I probably committed gluttony because I had a piece of cake and a glass of milk when I was already full and already had cake at my friends house, I go to confession every week because I can’t get along with my parents, I feel as if I committing the sin of presumption (doing something because you can confess it), presumption is one of the sins against the Holy Spirit, and it says that sins against the Holy Spirit are ways that people blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (unpardonable sin), the reason I say that I feel as if I committed presumption is because I do not try as hard to resist temptation as much as I would if I was in the state of grace? how does one confess presumption? is it possible? it’s like I would presume confession presumption, it’s like a never ending cycle, what do I do?? what am I suppose to think? I don’t want to despair? but what do I do when I go to confession tomorrow? please help me, please pray for me:(:(:(:(:(:frowning: and about gluttony, while i was getting the cake out and eating it, in the back of my head i knew i would have to mention this in confession too, but i did it anyway, is that also the sin of presumption?

This is something you need to ask your confessor about. You may be worrying too much about some of this.

Hello friend.

I love your post because of its brutal honesty and its insanity. Your story reveals two things to me: your awareness of what is going on inside of you (this is a gift), and the insanity of sin. It seems to me that, if you are guilty of presumption, you are doing so against your will. You are aware of your presumption and are attempting to fight it. This is courageous. The insanity (logic will not lead you out of this - your mind cannot win this battle, only your will can) will only lead to worry, self-doubt, and depression.

So, go to confession, take the next right action, and stop worrying. It sounds like your situation with your parents isn’t great, so focus on how to repair that. All this stuff about gluttony and presumption may be a subconscious effort to medicate how you are feeling about your relationship with your parents.

Presumption is hard to explain and i would like that you go to a good spiritual guide and ask him, God’s willing, you could share that knowledge with us.

that sin the unforgivable part is when you dont want to repent, but even if you repent from not repenting that one can be forgiven.

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