Sin before completing Penance

So I have a question.

Say if someone went to confession confessed their sins and received a penance to say a prayer every night for a week (or something along those lines). If they repeat one of the sins they confessed before finishing their penance, is that sin then included and forgiven or do they have to return to confession?

Whatever sins were committed up to the time of the confession were forgiven. Sins committed after that confession, if mortal, need to be forgiven in the Sacrament of Confession as they are new sins.

The timing of or completion of the penance given at the initial confession & absolving of sins has no bearing on any sins committed since the initial prior confession.

Penance and it’s fulfillment is a separate component to the forgiveness of sins in confession.


Confess again. Complete the penance anyway.

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Our Lord, Jesus Christ, must carries the burden of your sin each time you commit.

Pray hard daily, repent, beg for forgiveness at once before seeing the priest for confession later. Also, pray the Divine Mercy chaplet to forgive others daily.

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