Sin, communion, and uncertainty. HELP!

So yesterday I went to confession, that night I entertained an inappropriate thought about a man while I was asleep. When I finished entertaining this dream I woke up at that moment and was angry with myself. I just went to confession the day before. Must I go back? Did I commit a mortal sin? Was it venial? Do I need to abstain once again from communion?

If you were asleep while this was happening, no sin. Because you did not have all your reasoning faculties with you.


Golly, if I committed actual sin every time I had a dream in which I was committing sin, I’d be in serious spiritual trouble. I have had dreams at night which are absolutely disgusting, completely foul. And then I wake up and thank God it was just a dream.

Now if by “dream” you mean daydream, then you may have committed a sin, though possibly only a venial sin. If that’s the case, please don’t go into detail here on a public forum. Talk to a priest when you can to get a definitive answer for this and future events.

Again, however, if you are talking about a literal dream, while you were sleeping, then there is absolutely no sin. None. Nada. Zip.


I agrree with the posters above, but I have to admit that when I dream of doing committing sins, I have noticed it is sometimes a warning to me that part of my spiritual life is slipping. Since it is not usual for me to even remember my dreams, I can’t say it’s definitive thing; sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, after all.

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You’re fine to receive communion, Joe. It’s not a sin of any kind. Be at peace!


This reminds me of a dream I had wherein I even said, “Oh I’m going to have to go to confession for this” or something like that in the dream.
But it was a dream and I didn’t go to confession.

Sin is a choice. We do not consciously choose what we dream about. Dreams are not sinful.


You really need to see a priest about this.


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You could literally dream that you assassinate the Pope and then blow up earth… And that would not even be a venial sin.

I got to ask. Why would you want to do such a thing? My scruples aren’t fun🙃

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Just ignore that part. I was thinking out loud is all.

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