Sin, evil and demonic spirits

Hi all. Lately I’ve been thinking about the existence of evil.

The traditional prayer of St Michael says “by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits roaming the earth seeking the ruin of souls.”
How do evil spirits seek the ruin of souls? Is that by them trying to find home in us like our mind and soul? Or are they only able to tempt us and deceive us?

I don’t even understand how evil spirits can tempt us and deceive us. It seems impossible without them getting into us. Take for example, if someone were to say that they think evil things sometimes and they don’t mean to, it just comes to their head even though they hate it, would you say about that person? They are possessed or tempted? How do we explain it?

Does the devil roam the earth like the evil spirits? How come we can’t see them, did God remove their bodies and leave them with spirits only? Also, how come people have sworn to see a demon in full? Have they got the power to reveal themselves to people?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m a very curious person! :slight_smile:

Hi, try here for some more info.

i think one only needs to take a look around at the world we live in to see evil exists, and something drives this evil. Take abortion for example. The slaughter of human beings.

I truly believe a person who is attempting to draw close to God after a long period of a Godless life will be seen by Satan and his minions as a target, And. I believe we, as humans, can’t begin to understand how demons do their evil workings. The bible mentions them, Christ mentioned them, and we can only know they exist.

The Church offers many ways to defeat them when they attack us.

Thank you for your thoughts and links.

I truly believe as you said, that a person who comes back to God after a long while of living a sinful life is a target. As the scriptures say in Matthew 12: 43 “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44 Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. 45 Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”

This has somewhat occurred to me. I’ve recently turned back to God after many years of disobedience, and instantly after confession God’s grace worked wonders in me, I started to understand things better, particularly about sin, and I was a totally different person. Then it started to “wear off” and I increasingly felt as if I was drifting away again, and the presence of evil spirits seemed scary to me, but I always prayed the St. Michael prayer.

Read the book by CS Lewis, “The Screwtape Letters”.

I just read a synopsis of the Screwtape Letters. Sounds outstanding. Thank you for suggesting it, I must read it! God Bless.

How can the devil tempt and deceive us without getting into us? People do this all the time. For example. a man spinning deceptions to seduce a woman. There are also lies about Catholicism, particularly in the media, from figures who try to set people against Catholicism, even set Catholics against it, if they can. Gay advocates too regularly use terms like homophobia, and try to say that Catholics hate homosexuals. Abortion advocates commonly say they are for women’s freedom. Such things are a web of deception. I suspect in fact that often satan instigates these attacks on the faith and what is right, in order to do great harm to men.
It seems too that Satan can somehow have an effect on our bodies or souls in ways no one understands very well… When Jesus sent Judas away at the last supper, we are told that “Satan entered into him” (Jn 13:27). Satan also seems to give Jesus some sort of vision during the temptation of Jesus, taking him onto a high mountain and showing Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their glory (Mt 4:8). In fact, are many stories of the saints where Satan gives false visions, becoming one mode of temptation, and in fact there have been many false apparitions of Mary. I suspect that Satan can influence our bodies in other ways, but this is an area that no one well understands.
How can people see demons? There are different sorts of supernatural visions. Sometimes invisible things are seen in a vision as if they had physical form. God of course has no body but there are visions in Scripture where God is seen as if He had human form (as in Ezekiel 1:26). In the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, invisible things are often seen as if they have physical form, and God the Father appears in one vision as one seated on a throne, whose right hand holds a scroll (Rev 4:2; 4:7).
In visions devils have appeared as grotesque animals and to Padre Pio, for one, Satan appeared looking like a man dressed as a priest. However, these cases are all the sorts of visions where invisible things appear as if they had physical form.

Hi all!

I’d like to make a couple of comments on Sin, Evil and Demonic Spirits really quick if I may, but first I’d like to tell you my story so you understand a little about me and what Christ has shown me.

As a child my parents divorced when I was 9, it hit me kinda hard and 7 years I lived in a darkness that I won’t even try to explain. I was angry, hurt and pained, I hated my life, and the people around me. I was living as a part of the world. When I entered into high school, my “get the job done” attitude and my strong work ethic put me as the best Military leader at the school. I had Colonels telling my I’d make “one hell of a soldier” one day. I received a military scholarship and actually go to a Senior Military College right now. I was truly considered “The Best”, but it wasn’t enough, God wanted me and he was pretty determined I must say lol. I actually was placed second in command at my JROTC program in high school, the First was a strong christian leader and that’s what made him better. He had more tact, than me, I would cuss people out and “chew” them for 30 min straight, make them feel horrible about themselves to get them to do what I wanted. Like I said God wanted me though and I wanted to be the best so, being beat by a Christian leader I decided to go…find out what made him better. At 16 I was saved wholeheartedly and after that I didn’t know where I was going with it. I became a different man and everyone saw it.

Fast forward 2 years, When I entered into college I decided that I would be an International Affairs in the Middle East major, I decided to go to Morocco for my study abroad requirement for my degree. Little did I know that this would change my entire life. In Morocco I drew close to God, closer than ever really. I fasted, prayed daily, and read my bible between classes and study times. For weeks I was drawn to the church but I was always so scared to go in. I remember taking a taxi to the church just to turn around and jump back in lol. I remember praying in the Sahara desert at night, kneeling in the sand and looking into the heavens crying out to God. I learned a lot and had some good times. Several times, I was under attack my dark or demonic spirits, and a couple times the devil paid me a visit and that’s why I’m on this post because I want to warn you and let you know what I have learned through God.

First off, going from all my anger and hate to the very thing that Satan hates the most, makes you a target. You are a target when you come to the faith, especially after long terms of sin.

Second, you are always under constant attack, pray to God, your Guardian Angel and St. Michael to defend you. Remember we command the angels for we are the children of God.

Three, know that you are never alone. Christ stands by your side, if you fall he is the faithful king that watches over his knights and picks them up when the fighting gets tough.

Four, remember WE ARE ALWAYS AT WAR! Never even think for a second that you are not at war with yourself, and those around you that the devil may use to pull you down. Build your friends faith and relationships with God to protect them (shows your love for them, thus displaying God’s love in you) and to protect yourself.

Several things, Demons can be seen, if you have that spiritual gift. Demons dwell on the spiritual realm, the realm where the angels live. The spiritual realm is in constant war, for the demons and the angels fight for all of eternity until the coming of Christ. When our Lord Jesus Christ will thrust the Great Dragon into the pit of Fire and we shall have peace in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Some people can sense demons presence, some can see them, some can cast out devils (Right that is performed by limited number of Priests). In my case, I have the two above, I keep St. Michael at my right hand always, praying and asking him to help me in this war. I have seen the demonic influence on my loved ones and have sensed them as I pray several times. I have felt Satan as well, a feeling that is horrible. If this happens to you call upon, Christ, your Guardian Angel and St. Michael. Remember that Christ overcame and that nothing can touch you while you dwell in Christ, for if you dwell in Christ you are made holy through his blood. Remember that YOU are a Child of God, and that Satan has no power over you, unless you give it to him. He can tempt you, try to destroy you in your thoughts and dreams, but he has no power unless you give it to him. He is a deceiver, a liar, a cheat and he hates all things that are of God, thus he hates you.

Also remember that demons have no power of themselves either, they are fallen angels they can do nothing. God gives people to see Demons, to defend themselves and those they love. These are minor spiritual gifts though, It is the destruction of your major spiritual gifts that Satan wants to destroy. Mine are very simple and they make me a target. I am a Shepherd and I am a Minister. I take care of all who are apart of God’s Flock in my Company at school, I prayer for their correct guidance and strength. I am a Minister, I preach the Word to the students at my school. Remember Mental, Physical, Spiritual. Mentally aware, Physically capable and Spiritually Mature to make the good and right decision.

As I continue to study Spiritual Warfare I am always reminded these two things…

  1. “A mind focused on Christ makes for a better defense”
  2. Find what gifts God has given to you AND USE THEM! To fight Satan we MUST use our gifts cause if we stop using them, than he has won against us.

These are just a few things I have learned in my meditations with God, my contemplations on our place in this War and most of all that which I have read in Ephesians.

Just remember my Brethren, Place on your FULL Armor of God, Issued to Every Soldier, Every Child of God when we received Salvation through Christ. God Bless, My Prayers are with you.

Great post.

I think a good analogy for demons is viruses. Healthy people shrug them off but people who have a weakness, a predilection for a particular sin, let them get a grip. I think they try to lever upon negative thoughts and feelings in your heart and magnify them.

They also go after holy people but such people can shrug them off easily.

Agree one thing I will say is the best way to stop temptation, to stop the devil from gaining a foothold on you is by putting on Christian music and praying to God. Music opens the soul and allows for God to allow the Holy Spirit to work more strongly. Be careful though cause the same is true for worldly music it allows the soul to be open to darker emotions that the devil can use against you.

That’s a good idea.

It’s better to have holy music repeating in your mind instead of the latest, sexed-up trash from the top 30.

Good question. First off there are basically three types of demonic activity in our lives. Demonic opression, demonic obsession and full on posession. True demonic posession is a pretty rare ocurrence however obsession and oppression are fairly common. We’ll start with opression. Opression, simply put, is the demonic working against our struggle for purity, the errant impure thoughts, “whispers” in your ear encouraging you to do what you know to be wrong and the rationalization of such actions. Demonic opression is something that, if we are living right and walking with the Father, we will ALL face. The Glory Be, the Our Father and prayer to St. Michael are our most efficacious shields against this.
After opression we come to Demonic Obsession, an addiction to particular sins if you will. Obsession is when one is inordinately pulled to that which is not of God. If we’re not careful we can all, through the repeated and constant battering of opression, be pulled into obsession. Demonic Obsession does require the aid of a “spiritual advisor” to “tow you out of the ditch”.
Demonic posession can freely occur after one has become obsessed because you have been led to take off your armor as it were.
Remember…the devil is a liar and the father of lies. I try to follow one simple rule, only do and say and think what you would be comfortable doing, saying or thinking standing in front of your priest. To have an errant evil or impure thought isn’t necessarily evil, to dwell on such thoughts however, and not cast them far from you, is.

Semper Serviam

Excellent post sheep there is only one thing that I will disagree with, but agree with at the same time. Whe you stated that demonic obsession, you required a spiritual director. I will disagree, unless you are spiritually exhausted. The reason being because in spiritual exhaustion your sin is greater than justthe demonic obsession. You are neglecting God and are seeking to do things by yourself. Remember that our strength comes from Christ, he renews us daily, but When we seek to do things of our own accord we are neglecting God and do not receive that renewal. As such we begin to get exhausted from our burdens.

If this is the case go talk to your priest, talk to God so that the connection of the renewal of life daily can take place.

One thing to remember is that one does not need a spiritual director persay rather we have Christ who is our elder brother and also our high priest. The Father wants you to come to him he wants to see you, talk to you, for he is dreadfully in love with you, for you are his child. Place your focus on Christ if demonic obsession begins to overcome you and ifyou really think it need be talk to your priest, your brothers and sisters. For we are a family of believers, a family of God, born through the blood of our Lord. We are always here and will always be for the rest of eternity. Remember the saints and pray to them that your prayers through them should be lifted to the father.

God bless. My prayers lay with you all, my brethren.

My reply isn’t really an answer, but more of my story, and it has references to demons, evil, etc…
A few years ago, I began to really fear demonic forces.I don’t know why I was all of a sudden so scared of them, but I was fully terrified. I was raised Baptist, and knew that my church RARELY ever recognized demonic forces in the living world. For example, they most certainly believed that demons existed, mostly in hell, but rarely ever do Baptists recognize partial or full demonic possession. It’s just kept quiet in the church. They also don’t recognize full exorcisms; only blessings of a person, house, object…
After doing my research, I found that the Catholic church not only recognizes demonic forces to be very real, but address the problem in prayer ( Prayer to St. Michael). I did some more research and found that The Blessed Virgin Mary is the scariest thing a demon can be faced with ( besides the Lord himself ). Demons are said to fear the Virgin and her Rosary, and Scapular more than anything.
That is why a few years ago, I casually asked a friend for a Brown Scapular. Of course, I didn’t understand the Sabbatine Privilege at the time, but I think that this was the start of Mary’s intercession in my life, and this is why I feel so very close to her. I pray her Rosary for strength, and I wear the Brown Scapular everyday. I also have made changes in my life, to rededicate my body to her, and to cut out sex.
I also feel very close to St. Michael, and pray for his protection from all evil forces, and for him to protect me from the strong temptations of things I am trying to give up. I’ve always felt like St. Michael was at my side, and I love him and pray to him daily.
I am so thankful that through my experience, I have left the Baptist church, and now I am close to Mary. I never would have thought this is where my life would be!
Since all this has happened, I no longer fear demons the way I used to. I acknowledge their presence in the world, but I know that I always have in my posession the things that they fear the most!

I think they can affect us by suggesting various thoughts, etc, presenting images to us or affecting our imagination… I was taught that they can’t actually read our minds, but they can sort of guess what we’re thinking about based on other factors - they have superhuman intelligence (though corrupted)

Awesome story Daughterofmary.

I must say that I am completely fascinated with Spiritual Warfare. If you find an interest in it you might think of looking into more in depth. I myself am a student chaplain at my school and I preach on the Spiritual Warfare. Ever since I got back from Morocco for my study abroad I have recognized the power of Satan in this world. We have to be ready, we have to be prepared. We may not be able to be possessed, as we are “owned” by God through the power of the Holy Spirit. But we are subject to demonic oppression and Demonization.

Its awesome that you are a college student and your cutting out sex. That is amazing and I commend you for that, its difficult, especially in college there is so much oppression (peer pressure, etc.) that we have to face. I myself am a college student and the temptation is hard sometimes, but I know its against God’s Law. Continue what you are doing, remember that Christ is with you, St. Michael is with you (he’s really awesome) and most of all your Guardian Angel is with you. You are NEVER alone, no matter what lies Satan seeks to tell you.

Stay well with the Mother Mary, for she will protect you in many ways. The rosary is an amazing thing to pray. Its power is beautiful for in it remember the workings of Christs life and what he has done for us, and that which our Mother did for us through allowing God’s Will to be done in her life.

To all Brethren, I urge you to be strong, resist the devil and all his sayings. We are the Children of the Living God, and we are the knights of God’s Kingdom. Place on your Armor and let us fight in ways that will make the enemy flee from us.

Remember these three big points to stay strong against the enemy:

  1. Prayer - Keeps channels of Grace flowing to us that will allow God to reveal himself to us in our lives and in our prayers.
  2. Biblical Study - Allows us to know God. For you know someone through the things they say, and how they act. The Scriptures are perfect place to learn and know who Christ is, and so is Prayer which is why it is number 1. =)
  3. Personal Devotion through Meditation and Contemplation - Allows us to remember God in our lives and know that he is with us. In our meditations, focus on the word revealed, the power of the Lord, and the power we hold, through Christ Jesus, to fight against our enemy.

These 3 will help you in your spiritual lives and the War we face everyday between the flesh and Spirit.

God Bless, you all remain in my prayers.

is a non-Catholic site but I use a similar pattern for my daily prayers about the armor.

Let me add a fourth: actively putting on the whole armor of God each day. Meditating about the different pieces of armor as I put them on and then thinking about them throughout the day has really helped me. This is a non-Catholic site but I use a similar pattern for my daily prayers about the armor.

I think we become our own worst enemy in many situations. Why? Well theres many reasons, yet I believe most go like this…

Its all starts by not being able to seperate, “wants from needs”.

People use dope because they “want” to feel good.

People engage in Immoral Sex because they “want” to feel good.

People kill because they “want” power and control.

So every time you begin to contemplate your “wants”, there you find satan to help you along the path.

Excellent addition Sungirl.

One thing that St. Paul tells us in Eph. 6:16 is that we as the embodiment of Christ must put on the Whole Armor of God so that we may “…Quench the flaming darts of the Evil One.” This is one example of the fight for our faith, cause it is a perfect example of fighting demonic oppression.

I’m going to post the Scripture and Armor pieces for ya’ll just so you know what they are. =)

Ephesians 6 (Yes the whole armor is a gives a good idea of introduction and the pieces)

Breastplate of Righteousness
Helm of Salvation
Shoes(Gospel) of Peace
Loinbelt of Truth
Shield of Faith
Sword of the Spirit (Word of God)
Lance of Prayer and Supplication of the Spirit

These pieces came from St. Paul as he was in prison for a “attack” on the Emperor in Rome. These pieces are all pieces of the Roman soldiers arsenal and became our view of spiritual armor through the Holy Spirit.

The Lance of Prayer of Supplication of the Spirit is not mentioned as a lance in the bible. Due to the arsenal of the Roman Soldier, the lance was an integral part of the soldier’s arsenal and allowed for the soldier to reach his enemy from afar. As such we too are able to reach our enemy from afar through our prayers, by praying for our brethren, that they should have eternal salvation through Christ and deliverance from the Evil One.

All of these pieces focus on some very basic principles of Prayer, Meditation and Biblical Study. For we can only become trained killers and defenders of the faith through the Lord and we can only know the Lord through his word and his grace that he shines down on us.

Thank you so much! I think it’s a pretty good story to have, considering that I never really had a testimony beforehand…
On another note… Is your student organization at your school big? I know ours isn’t; there are lots of Catholics at the school, but none that want to actually participate in a student organization…

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