Sin holding me back


Hi I dont think I will join the church now because I am struggling with a certain sin and I dont think psychologically I will ever repent of it or even be able to break the habit.

what do i do


pray. pray. pray.
ask God for strength and mercy.
don’t let that sin hold you back from joining the true church, and recieveing the sacrements.
when you go to confession, if you don’t think that you can repent tell the priest to go hard on you for your penence. (it has worked for me)
take on personal fasts and peneces.
pray. pray. pray. it is the most important thing.

if you need anything else PM me. It would help me if I knew what was bothering you.


Every person in the church is a sinner too! None of us can break from our sins without His help. A wonderful thing about being able to receive the sacraments is that through them Jesus gives us strength to battle against our sins and overcome them. It may take a long, long time, and there may be some sins we struggle with for our entire lives, but the wonderful forgiveness and mercy we can receive through confession is such a blessing.

Don’t put off becoming part of the church because you think you’re not good enough. Jesus is the only perfect one, and He’s waiting for you in the sacraments!

Praying for you now. I hope you’ll bring your concerns to a priest who I’m sure will be able to help you through this. God bless you.
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Perhaps the graces available in the sacramental life of the Church are exactly what you need to help overcome that sin you are struggling with.


We don’t overcome sins by our own strength but by God’s grace.

We should not try to be holy when learning/joining the Church, we should be trueful to ourselves, and through this we will know the need of joining the church. Joining the Church will not automically make you saintly either.

The thought of not ever repenting can also come directly from Satan who is trying hard to stop you from seeing the mercy of God and His help for you.

If you know it is sinful to commit an certain act, then it is sinful whether you are a Catholic or not.


Always move forward in your journey to Christ.If you have a stumbling block as in a particular sin…keep heading forward while praying to The Holy Spirit for guidance.Keep in mind that the more you learn and pray the more “sense” it all makes.Try not to think… “here’s a sin I can never get past”…rather try this…“here’s a sin I haven’t conquered YET”

I never thought I would change my position on birth control,but through many YEARS of prayer and learning more about Sacred Scripture I have come to understand and truly believe the teachings of the Church.


The Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum of saints!!


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