Sin no more? How can that be?

Quick question?
How can one never sin again once one gets to heaven? Will free choice not exist? I mean forever is a long long time. Satan rebelled so what is going to stop me. Just a little concerned I’m going to yet screw up again. It would be nice to have a pill for that. You know, you get up to heaven and they say take this pill and you’ll never sin again.

God forgives us and gives us the opportunity again to turn from sin.

Yes, it is possible to grow in grace to a place where there is no sin in your life. That does not happen overnight. It takes growth, just like the a way a baby cannot eat a steak or dance a tango or run a race, we have to first learn to stand up and eat soft bananas.

Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. Scripture would not say that if it were impossible. Begin by putting on the armor of God. Pray, practice radical love.

Thinking that is impossible. Have you ever read the book Respectable Sins? I would like to believe I could but after reading that book I’m just going to get to heaven put my hands up in the air and yell guilty.

Perfect love won’t allow room for sin. It’s not that you’re in a cage prevented from sinning, rather you will enjoy the perfect freedom of love that has no desire to sin.


The late Jerry Bridges was not a Catholic, his writings do not reflect Catholic teachings. I’d not base my spiritual growth on The Navigators Protestant teachings.

Christ has made us more than conquerors. Satan wants you to throw up your hands in despair

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The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of self control and the power to overcome temptation. As mentioned above by others, it takes practice, repentance and some vigilance on our part. And, of course, love covers a multitude of sins so that should give you some comfort :slight_smile:


Read up on the beatific vision.

Eternity isn’t time at all.

Satan and the other angels had not been admitted to the beatific vision when he rebelled.

Temptation won’t exist in Heaven and we’ll spend time in Purgatory destroying our attachment to sin.
Once you’re in Heaven sin won’t be part of your nature.

That angel and his followers rebelled before they reached heaven, leading to them never entering heaven.

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Once you are in heaven, you are incapable of sinning. One makes one’s final choice while still here on earth, often on one’s deathbed. At that time, and hopefully long before then, you decide whether to fully embrace God or not. If you die after deciding to do so, that choice is permanent. So is the opposite choice, if you make that one.

The situation with the angels was different. They had free will after being created, and God gave them a choice to serve him or not. Since they are spiritual beings and don’t have the filters that human beings have, they could see clearly and understand fully. For that reason, their decision, one way or the other, was permanent and irreversible.

Human beings on earth can change their minds while living on earth, but not after they die.

So, don’t worry. If you make it to heaven – or even to Purgatory – you aren’t going to “screw up”, anymore.

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