Sin of bearing false witness


I prepared my confession yesterday, prayed, and woke up early this morning to make sure I have enough time to confess before mass. I did in fact confess all my sins and returned home. Upon my return, my mother started quizzing me about where I went. I felt that if I told her I had been to confession she would probably invent all sorts of worries about my spiritual life. So to avoid this, I told her I met up with some friends and gave her a few names when she asked me who they were. This seemed to satisfy her because she stopped asking.

Of course now I’m rather concerned about having lied to my mother, right after confession. I had discussed this issue of lying with my favourite confessor on another occasion; and his advice was that lying is only a mortal sin if we lie to someone who has a right to know the truth (such as an authority). He said that at my age (early 20s), my mother does not have the right to know about the situation of my spiritual life. So not divulging the fact that I went to confession, or covering it up with a ‘white lie’, does not amount to sin.

What do you guys think/suggest?


a) Follow the advice of your confessor, who knows you and your situation

b) If you are 20, it’s time to get out from under Mamma’s thumb and time to stop being afraid of what she will think about things. You went to confession, so what?


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