Sin of cowardice!

Hi! So I read some Thomas Aquinas stuff related fear from summa teologie and what are those moments when fear becomes mortal?(I wrote that against Divine law but for example if you are afraid to make a sign of cross in front of somebody, God will send you to hell for that or are some degrees?) The internal or external act matters? (I mean the external act of shunning or even the internal?) Thank you anticipate d! ( I want to exit from scrupulousity regarding good so I need to bring this to light!)

The best advice to give to someone is that they should ask all their questions of their confessor/priest. This is because he will get to know you better, be better placed to advise you correctly and to help you understand correctly and form your conscience correctly.

Asking on line, you’ll possibly get different answers which will only confuse you more and increase your fear and anxiety - it won’t relieve it.

I would suggest not reading Thomas Aquinas until such time as you are better formed in your conscience.

Being simply embarrassed or self-conscious about making the sign of the cross in front of another would be a venial matter.

I recommend you buy yourself a copy of the Catechism or read it online. Part 3 section 1 Article 8 covers sin. Article 6 covers moral conscience. Article 5 covers the morality of the passions. Article 4 covers the morality of human acts. Article 3 covers mans’ freedom.

Part II Section II Chapter II Article 4 covers the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.

Aquinas may have been referring to more serious forms of cowardice. Imagine a soldier who abandons his post in time of war. That could be a grave matter.

In ordinary circumstances, not making the Sign of the Cross is not a grave matter.

If you are not sure about this or other questions of mortal sin, ask a priest.

I remember a quote from the police chief inspector in the PBS show Endeavor, “We sometimes have a choice between a moment of courage or a lifetime of regret.” But I do believe God is more merciful and understanding with us than we our with ourselves.

Understand but how about that fear of sacrifice?(apostolate, admonishing siners, etc.)

The sin of cowardice is when you do something morally forbidden or neglect something morally obligatory out of fear of what men or demons will do to you. This is what Jesus was referring to when He said, “Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it.”

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