SIn of Gluttony

Was it only St John of the Cross that spoke of Gluttony? In a thorough form? But it is a bit hard for me to understand. I know myself, I will have to confess I believe because among other things but firstly, I saw that big burger and ended up eating two big doubles of the thing. This does not make me sick but I think it’s just too much. What does this sin do to you? Hope I am clear.

Gregory the Great is another good source. Thomas relies on him in his explanation as well, which is worth a read:


Gluttony isn’t just about overeating. It’s just the most visible sign of the sin. It’s actually an over-consumption of anything that, when partaken moderately and at the proper time, is for our own good. Drunkenness is a sign of gluttony. Constant sex, even in the context of marriage (when it’s done simply for your own pleasure and not to show your partner your love and respect), can be a sign of gluttony. Over-spending in order to get “the best” is a form of gluttony.

I’ll leave it to Gregory and Thomas Aquinas to go into the details and the spiritual remedies.


RIght. Doing too much of anything, instead of doing it in moderation, is gluttony.

The reason for the emphasis on overeating in a lot of the religious literature is because

  • Those in religious orders or in priesthood were generally expected to consume food in moderation at the most (or in some cases practice asceticism) , but a lot of priests and religious instead ate more than a moderate amount or ate luxury food or, in an era when people drank beer and wine because the water was not safe, would drink too much.

  • There was also generally a fixed amount of food for a community or area, and little or no public welfare system, so the poor had to rely on the generosity of others to provide them with food, and obviously if someone was eating more than their share then they were taking food away from poor people who needed the food to survive.

Nowadays, gluttony is more often something other than food because we usually have enough food for everyone (Assuming there’s not a COVID crisis going on with bare supermarket shelves) and public assistance provides people with food or the means to buy it. You eating a second hamburger probably isn’t gluttonous, unless you routinely overeat and harm your health. The hamburger restaurant has enough food for everybody. But something like people hoarding a whole cart of toilet paper at the start of the COVID shutdown, so others couldn’t find any to buy, would be gluttonous.


I think eating too much can also affect people and sex too. I am going to go to confession though. And there’s a guy that talks with me and we eat at the same restaurant. He always shows me pictures that are pornographic on his phone. I am trying to stay away from that. if he just stuck it in my face that might be one thing. But I know he’s going to show me porn and nudity. IDK what to say. I will ask Fr.'s advice. The Pastor has confessions tomorrow.
I fought and fought, sexual and food sins. Finally I got some peace with the phrases, “Drink your own poison; do not suggest vanities to me.” it helps. :slight_smile:

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