Sin of impurity


Quick Question, I have struggled with the sin of impure acts for 12 years. I didn’t know it was a sin till I became a Catholic Last year. I have never made it more then two weeks without doing it. My question is I avoided it all this week but today I did it knowing it was wrong I am sorry for doing it but I am worried since I also confess it and do it again if my confession are valid. I don’t want to do it but its hard some times.
God Bless


Just cause a person may fall again into a mortal sin does not mean that his confession was invalid…

No if one confesses with the intention of committing mortal sin or plans it etc does not repent (I just will keep sinning this way every couple weeks…and not repent…I will not give this up…)- yes that is a problem for one cannot not repent of mortal sin and make a valid confession.

If one is contrite and firmly resolved when confessing to not commit mortal sin (and one is to avoid that which leads one to commit such of course) -* even if* one knows that one is weak and one fears one can fall again in the future – that can be yes a good valid confession -and one receives graces to help too.

(remember mortal sin needs to be confessed in kind and number – adultery 2x, fornication 3x, murder 2x)

So – run to confession if one should fall and resolve to not fall again (even if one fears it could happen)…and pray…talk with the Priest for suggestions on avoiding such better …fast a bit etc.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd -he loves you and gives you true life.


I don’t think I have confessed with the intent to keep doing it but I am worried a tad bit becuase back before I was confirmed at Easter Vigil but after my first confession there was a bit of a 2 month lag there the priest let us go to confession and I Fell into sin less then 2 hours after confession and had to go back 2 days later. I don’t think I was abusing the sacrament but I don’t recall my mindset at the time and i’m a little worried


Did you repent? resolve to not commit mortal sin?

One can repent -and make even great progress -and yet fall and need to repent again.

When you goto confession…bring this up with him.

(people can have great difficulties …and even fall again soon after a good confession…such need not mean one did not repent when one confessed…)

Jesus is the Good Shepherd.


“The very God of peace sanctify you wholly.” —
St. Paul.



A clear rule for self-control handed down by the Fathers is this: stop eating while still hungry and do not continue until you are satisfied. When the Apostle said, ‘Make no provision to fulfill the desires of the flesh’ (Rom. 13:14), he was not forbidding us to provide for the needs of life; he was warning us against self-indulgence. Moreover, by itself abstinence from food does not contribute to perfect purity of soul unless the other virtues are active as well. Humility, for example, practiced through obedience in our work and through bodily hardship, is a great help. If we avoid avarice not only by having no money, but also by not wanting to have any, this leads us towards purity of soul. Freedom from anger, from dejection, self-esteem and pride also contributes to purity of soul in general, while self-control and fasting are especially important for bringing about that specific purity of soul which comes through restraint and moderation. No one whose stomach is full can fight mentally against the demon of unchastity. Our initial struggle therefore must be to gain control of our stomach and to bring our body into subjection not only through fasting but also through vigils, labors and spiritual, reading, and through concentrating our heart on fear of Gehenna and on longing for the kingdom of heaven.

The Philokalia



Your confession is not invalid. When you feel the urge coming on, try reading bible verses to get your mind in a different frame of thought. Keep praying and use the graces of frequent confession. I’m praying for you. God bless.


I still can’t help but worry if I had a firm purpose of ammendment at some of my confessions. I have’t had a regular confessor in a while My priest at the Parish I went to college in heard most of the confessions I am worried about which there were only 8 anyway at my parish back home the priest who hears confessions was reassigned and I started going to another parish where they rotate their two priest so everyweek the other one is hearing confessions. I guess I’m asking whats the best thing to do. Should I just say I’m concered Some of my confessions were invalid and thus my communions were invalid? I have only been a catholic since Easter and I want to really clear my conscious with this confession and not go back into the same old habits like I always have . If it helps my main sins are impurity and detraction but I have learned what detraction is and am working on it.


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