sin of omission

I was reading Erick’s post related to salvation of people of other religions, and I was thinking about this sin of omission; if there is a jew or muslim who loves God more, and also loves his neighbour more than you do, than you are in big trouble. Can the sin of omission be confessed? If your heart is low you can’t even see it…Will you be able to see it later?

You cannot objectively know how much any particular Jew or Mislim loves God. Neither can you objectively know how much you love God. As long as you keep trying to love God more and more every day, I see no sin of omission. You do not need to compare your love of God with others’, because it is impossible for you to know how much they love Him. God bless.

It is not a sin of omission to be less holy than your neighbor.

A sin of omission is a knowing choice (an exercise of knowledge and free will) not to act, when acting is required to avoid sin. A sin of omission can be contrary to a positive precept, such as to worship God or to keep holy the Sabbath or to honor your parents, or it can be contrary to a negative precept, such as you shall not murder. Euthanasia, for example, can be committed by omission, such as by omitting food and water, or ordinary and effective medical care.

A sin of omission is an interior act, the act of deciding to omit another act (interior or exterior).

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