Sin of omission?

Let’s say your conscience tells you to pray for this person’s soul as you are fully aware that they are in danger. But out of sheer laziness you choose not to.

Would this be counted as a mortal sin of omission? My conscience says it is highly likely, but I just want to confirm. Or is it a venial sin which can lead to mortal sin?

Even if we say a little prayer for them, it’s still prayer. You don’t have to offer a 15 decade rosary merely because you feel you should pray for someone. I’m not sure it would even rise to the level of sin–that’s something best discussed with your confessor, especially if you tend to be scrupulous.

The thing is, my conscience is always telling me that I should say a rosary at least for them. When I resist, it just gives me more stress so I just think it is my scrupulosity and just dismiss it. In this case, the sin would be selfishness, but I do not know if it would rise to mortal level. As St. Paul says that one of the ‘‘sins that would prevent us from entering heaven’’ is ‘‘selfish acts’’ (cant remember the Bible verse) so I do not know whether this qualifies as mortal or venial. But I am going to confession tomorrow so will check with my confessor. Thank you Della and God bless :slight_smile:

If you are scrupulous you should be taking to your priest and not us about this.

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