Sin of ommision??


In the diocese of London there is a policy, that i (since i am a minor) cannot be friends with a seminarian or Priest online or communicate with them VIA email and Facebook and etc., and i knew this, but i didnt tell this to a few friends who happened to be Priests and semiinarians as i didnt care, partially forgot and just wanted to have their companionship. I asked Fr (one of my facebook friends) if this was a mortal sin on my part and he told me not to sweat it basically as it was small, and i just went to confession, now what im asking:

Is this a mortal sin??


I am sure you’re not in great spiritual danger for forgetting, unless you repeatively do it on purpose. You confessed, so just remove Fr. from your Facebook Friends thingy mabob. Say a prayer to St. Jude to avoid forgetting about little things like that.You should be fine (you went to confession already… i’m assuming)


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Is this a mortal sin??


No. The rule is to protect them, primarily, from forming attachments to the world that would encumber their vow of obedience.


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