Sin of rash judgement

I understand that it is a mortal sin to rash judge with certainty that someone is guilty of grave sin.

I am really struggling with this. Where I live most people (though catholic ) tend to go by secular traditions rather than church teaching in many areas e.g. contraception. In fact I had a lot of problems finding an NFP practitioner. If I make an assumption that for example somebody is using contraception am I committing a mortal sin since based on statistics the likelihood is that they are.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this and it is none of my business - I wish I could fill my mind with something more interesting but a thought comes into my mind and it’s difficult to argue against it.

It would be my understanding that you are not in mortal sin. The CCC says to look at people favorably in instances where you assume the are doing something wrong.

Ask the people you are thinking about what they think about contraception.

Maybe your unfulfilled desire to admonish them is leading you to sin.

Admonishment is to be done by examining your own conscience first, go to confession. Then all patience and love is to be applied to inviting them into a better understanding. Do not be afraid.

It is not a mortal sin to rashly judge another, even if we are judging them to be guilty of mortal sin. We cannot know whether someone else is guilty of any sin since only God knows, but we can recognize that they are doing evil and that it is wrong.

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I have a terrible time with this sin. Looking for the good in others and frequent confession help a lot with lessening its hold, but it still is a struggle for me.

Thanks for mentioning it.

Matt 7:2-5…for in the same way you judge others you will be judged…if you are judging people because of your “assumptions” then you need to be careful that you will be judged in the same manner…you would need clear evidence that someone is committing mortal sin and not your assumption…before you even contemplated approaching someone who you “know” beyond a shadow of doubt that they are in mortal sin then you would be wise to heed the words of Jesus…“why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye but do not see the log in your own eye”…confess your own sin(s) first and then correct the one you know is sinning and only then if it is with love and compassion for that person and not your own satisfaction.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

RASH JUDGMENT. Unquestioning conviction about another person’s bad conduct without adequate grounds for the judgment. The sinfulness of rash judgment lies in the hasty imprudence with which the critical appraisal is made and in the loss of reputation that a person suffers in the eyes of the one who judges adversely.

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