Sin of Superstition?

This morning on my way to Holy Mass, I found a dime on the side walk and picked it up. I then remembered and thought of a rhyme from a movie that goes like this “See a penny, pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck.” Now I do not believe in superstition nor do I think the dime is lucky because the former is a mortal sin and I firmly believe in divine providence, but I am unsure whether or not I did commit a sin. Can anyone help?

It doesn’t sound like you sinned because you said you don’t nor did you believe it when you picked it up, you were just reminded of the rhyme.

The original rhyme which is hundreds and hundreds of years old is see a pin not a penny, as in a pin that women used in dresses and stuff. I guess America says it differently.

Superstition can breed and you end up despairing.

Please don’t be scrupulous.

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