Sin, or just not the best?

When I leave emotions out of things to the extent that I’m able to I can see with more clarity. Most of the time we see what we believe. Our beliefs cloud reality. I suppose I’m undergoing some sort of conversion process and really see that giving $ directly to the needy person is not the best choice when dealing with folks on the street.
In yoga there is something called Ahimsa which means non-harming or non-violence. By giving to the junkie or drunk I’m in essence harming them. Also harming organizations that are being “undermined” by that action. In Buddhism there are 5 precepts, the first of which is refraining from destroying living creatures. By giving $ directly to junkies and those addicted to alcohol I’m helping them to destroy themselves. I would much rather actually help them so I’ve decided that I’ll stop giving any $ on the street and be more diligent about donating and helping as I’ve posted earlier. Blessings to all and grateful for this thread. it has been helpful.

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