Sin or lack of Will?

Today I layed down on my front on my bed and I got aroused by friction so I moved and tried to do it again without getting arroused but I did, so I gave up and slept facing the ceiling. Was it a sin to try again and get aroused if I wasn’t seeking it? Do I need to confess it?

If you were laying there and didn’t move to purposefully get aroused, then I’d say probably not. You’d have to intend to arouse yourself for it to be sinful. Honestly, even if you tried to arouse yourself, I don’t see how you’ve done anything more than a venial sin, so you wouldn’t have to confess it either way.

I’ve seen on another website a priest that wrote that every sexual sin is a mortal sin, that’s why I asked.

Maybe :shrug:. I don’t know, though. Briefly trying to turn oneself on via friction, then falling asleep hardly sounds like grave matter to me. I seem to remember Fr. Vincent Serpa, on Catholic Answers Live, saying our wills are impeded when we are falling asleep or waking up and that can mitigate against mortal sin. If you are really concerned, go to confession just in case, but I think you are fine.

I actually wasn’t falling asleep. I think I was waking up or kind of doing a little ten minute nap before going to school.

Waking up was mentioned by Fr Serpa too. If its really bugging you, confess it. Better to be out with it and move on than to worry.

I’ve found there is some variance among priests as to what is a serious (mortal) sin, but by following the advice of your priest as spiritual director, and trying to improve, I think you’ll have little to be concerned about. I’d go to confession once a week if I had concerns, but monthly or annually is what most priests seem to ask.

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