Sin or Scrupulosity?

When I went to my martial arts class last night, we were testing for our next belt, during the test, I was helping my partner with something he forgot, so at that moment my conscience was bothering me that I was helping him cheat, but it was later on that I realized he was not even taking his test, am I guilty of helping him cheat because I only thought it was at the time, even though he was not even taking the test?

I am uncertain that what you describe would be cheating even if he were testing. I don’t see any sin here.

If you suspect you suffer from scrupulosity, you should seek guidance from a trusted priest or counselor, rather than seek advice from the internet. There are too many opinions out here that would only cause you more distress.

Yes, seek guidance for this issue.
God bless,

My general feeling is that this would fall under venial sin, because you proceeded to do something that had circumstances been different would have been a serious sin and your conscience informed you of such. However, mortal sin requires both knowledge of it being a sin, willful intent to do so anyway and actual grave matter. This incidence did not actually constitute grave matter because he wasn’t testing.
BUT I do reaffirm the earlier responses to take this to your priest or spiritual director because going against your conscience is a great concern.
Having struggles regarding scrupulosity myself is my only expertise so I urge you to seek further help from a priest trained regarding such issues.

Individuals with a scrupulous conscience need one spiritual director and should bring concerns like these before that person.

thank you for the help:)

Generally speaking, some people regard tests as themselves learning experiences. In other words, as much as a test is an evaluation of what you have learned, it may also be an opportunity to learn.

See your spiritual advisor.

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