Sin Prom Invite for High School Juniors & Seniors

Prom invitation for local private school:

"Calling all Sinners
We request your presence in Hell

Let the sin begin

Continue the sin @ after Prom"

"But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” -Matthew 8:22

Whattt?! This is a prom?!

Why did they let them do that, youve got to be kidding?!

The president of the school claimed that by the time he found out, they were too far along with the decorations and they couldn’t turn back.

He assured them that in the future, they would return to the usual “bland themes”

Quote Keith Shahan, ( in an email to parents

“The class president explained they could orgnize the decorations around the them, with food table being glutton, the area for est being sloth, etc.”

He ends it at “etc.”, not elaborating where the lust and anger stations would be.

Mr. Shahan regrets that “This is proving to be something of a public relations disaster for us, but we’ll get through it. Thanks again for writing.”

This is appaling!!! I’ve worked on many publishing projects for our school and can’t imagine that everyone on the responsible committee had NO common sense and agreed to this theme!!! But there’s the evidence…

I would blanket the principal and District level supervisors with mail from as many people as you encounter who are willing to express how offended they are by this.

That is why I started this thread. I hope to get it on every media possible.

The email is

I’m sending a link to Bill O’Reilly tonight!

This is a device by not-yet-grown-up school children. Teenagers do many wierd things, then, most of them, grow up.
The local high school team where I live is called the “blue devils,” and they have an image of a blue devil on their school coats. This is from school people who don’t know such a thing is real. And so I look at it as a matter of ignorance rather than a matter of great offense. Perhaps this prom theme is the same. Of course, if I had children at that school, I would never let them go to a prom with such a theme.

Another thread with discussion about the same subject on CAF:

If one cares to read the comments on the St.LouisCatholic blog (link found in the above thread), one will find several disturbing comments from both students and parents of students. Very sad and appalling, indeed.

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything.

The morning of, someone should set the thermostat at max temp so it’s nice and toasty warm in there.

I know someone already posted that this was a private school. But, is this a Catholic private school?


He is a coward. It is NEVER too late.

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