Sin Question

It has been years since I finished school but there is a debate that I would like as many opinions as possible on. I was searching for an image for a power point presentation for one class on google images. After searching through a few pages, the images started turning pornographic. I am not sure why this is happening as my search criteria consisted nothing of the such. I decided to stop search on this database for this reason and although I felt guilty, I determined that no sin was committed as this was done accidentally. However, if I would have continued searching through this knowing that more pornographic images would have appeared, would you feel that a sin would have been committed? If so, would this have been a mortal sin? Although, that I was purposely looking through these images, my intention certainly wasn’t to look at pornography.

Now, if someone feels that there was no sin committed on all counts, let’s up the ante. Let’s say if I was looking up scantily dressed individuals and pornographic images appeared, would I still be sinning for looking at pornographic images? In this scenario, my intention would not be to look at pornographic images but I think this would looking up scantily dressed people would increase my chances.

If you accidentally come across porn on the internet, you are not committing a sin. However, once it is there and you continue to view it you are committing a mortal sin.
Likewise, if you are viewing scantily clad females in any format, you are willingly putting yourself in the occasion of sin, and doing so to titilate your sexual desires which is a sin. Upping the ante to porn in such casess, aggrevates the sin.


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