Sin shall be a glory:


Sin shall be GLORY, do you agree with this statement? does the glory of god shine more after we are converted?


live for jesus:


I would say no. Sin takes away from progression, and good works glorify God. The resistance to the sin would cause the glory of God to shine more. Acting it out and eventually restoring God’s friendship as it was previously does nothing but add to one’s purgatorial debt load. God is not impressed by those who need to go through the school of hard knocks when all the instruction is there for everyone to learn.



Our forgiven sins will be a source of our glory if we get to heaven.

Just like Peter’s confession and Mary Magdalen’s conversion.

Of course, not sinning at all would be a greater source of glory.

But they are both good things and both sources of glory in heaven. Just one is greater than the other.

Kinda like marriage and celibacy. Both are good. One is better.



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