Sin that I committed when I was little. Please help

When I was 6 or 7 around there I went a couple of houses over and took my later friends little brothers water gun I found laying on the basketball hoop and I took it and put it down the sewer drain at my house. Then the kid that the little brother was playing with told the little brothers mom. I was worried I would get in trouble so I lied to my parents that I accidentally did it but I intentionally did it. I just realized earlier this week that that is stealing. So is that a mortal sin even though I didn’t realize until earlier this week. I’m very sorry for this sin and have prayed. Can I take Communion on Sunday at Mass? Thanks! God Bless :heart:️:heart_decoration::peace_symbol:️:latin_cross:️:pray:

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6 or 7? Were you even at the age of reason? There is no retroactive imputation of sin to acts committed when we were beneath the age of reason. That would make God unjust and achieving peace nearly impossible.

You sound anxious/scrupulous/OCD. That a possibility? Help in available as this should not even be on your radar - it is certainly not on God’s radar. You deserve to live in peace.

If you have been diagnosed, or suspect that anxiety/OCD may play a role in your thoughts, do consult with professional help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the gold standard treatment and is drug free.


Thanks for your help

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