Sin that leads into more sin

I have a question specifically regarding masturbation.

  1. Should masturbation be defined as a grave sin?
  2. Because it is such a perverted act, does it have the ability to lead into other perverted sins? I mean, sins that one would never partake in, but that masturbation caused a person to do.
  3. Is that one of the reasons why you don’t do those things?

Dear GospelofJohn,
The Title of this thread tells the story!
Masturbation, if it is the center of your actions
will gather to itself more and more immoral acts
JUST LIKE a snowball when you are making a
BUT, if Christ is the center of your actions, you
will GROW in holiness, righteousness and Love!
Choose your master carefully, my friend.

the problem with masturbation is that ofen is done with others sins, for example the view of pornography or the lustful images on the mind. thisones have the problem of changing the mind of the people, we have limits yes, for example of the million people that masturbates, many of them would not rape a woman, but maybe in fantasies and such. or having more sexual toughts and more dissordered ones, looking for legal ways to satisfy darker needs, like looking for pics of really young looking girls to fill (and i think support) the desire for underage ones. as you see it is grave because it also leads to all this.

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