Sin to be in the presence of pirated movies?


Is it a sin to be in the presence of someone watching a pirated movie? My friends want to have a movie night and I know that they want to watch movies from some online website that has free movies, but what I be partaking in that sin, since I’m there? They won’t understand if I tell them “no we can’t watch them because it’s illegal” what should I do? I can’t just not go to the movie night because it won’t be the same and I’ll feel bad.


Perhaps you could subscribe to Netflex and/or Amazon Prime or some other commercial movie outlet and use that for your movie watching. There is nothing wrong at all with with using your account on their computer and there are thousands of movies to choose from. This is legal and above board.

Now, if you do not want to spend the money for doing something legal, you might want to give this some thought.

You could explain to them, “Hey guys, I have spent money on this and I would love to get my money’s worth.” They may laugh at you some for being so foolish but I am sure they will go along with you. If they really think that this was a real stupid thing to do, you might rethink what you value in friends.


Well, if you are “at” movie night you would not merely be “in the presence” of someone watching the movie but you would also be watching the movie, n’est pas?

If you were merely “in the presence” of someone who was watching movies-- say a roommate or sibling watching the movie on their own computer-- then no.

Sounds like you are trying to minimize the fact that you’d more than just “be” there, you’d be a part of movie night.

The right thing. The other poster had a good suggestion-- rent a movie legally.

Well, yes, you can “just not go”. I also agree that if your so-called friends make fun of you for doing the right thing you may need some new friends.

Suggest a movie that you legally have the right to watch, one you rent from iTune, Netflix, or something from an Amazon Prime membership, for example.


It is stealing. It is so easy to do. It seems insignificant but it really is the little petty sins that will define who we are and who we want to be.

Petty sins pilled up on one another can easily point to a very petty person.


Ok thank you all very much. I just got the courage to tell them that I can’t watch illegal movies as it is stealing, and we are renting a movie or going to use Netflix. God bless! :smiley:


Good for you! :thumbsup:


Good for you! :thumbsup:

I know it is “a little” thing but sometimes it just feels good to something right.


If what you are doing is illegal, you are not respecting the Government so that is sin.
Also, if you have any doubts, it is also sin if you go because you wouldn’t be doing it ‘to God’


Helpful hint…

Are you in college?

If so…you can get Amazon Prime for free for 6 months and then it’s half the price until you graduate after that.

Then you can take advantage of Prime movies for free.

Hubby and I use the discount because I’m in school. It’s nice, less expensive and totally legal.


Public domain movies are great. There’s a bunch you could watch on youtube.


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