Sin to lie on resumes/job interviews?


I have been having trouble with finding employment that I have resorted to lying and making myself out to be something that i am not.

We know everyone does it and its basically the advice everyone gives when job hunting

I’ll be honest, there is nothing much that stands out about me if I am truthful about my resume and about myself in job interviews. Even if i ‘exaggerate’ the truths a little.


Yikes - don’t do that. As a practical matter, there could be serious repercussions down the road. Anyways, we are not promised riches in this world, instead we are asked to store up treasure in heaven.

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat [or drink], or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they?
–Matthew 6:25-26

Besides betraying a lack of trust in God to take care of you, lying is a serious sin in its own right, and you have no right to take employment that might be legitimately considered due to others. What makes you more important than them?

Please do the right thing. I don’t have a job either, with four kids to boot, so please pray for me, and I will for you.


Funny that you quote that because i happened to have just read that last night and it really stood out to me.

I do trust God will take care of me and so far he has. I just never saw it or appreciated it. Its just that whilst being unemployed I dont feel as bothered by it anymore as people would expect me to be and how i used to feel about it. I live a very basic life that what I used to live and it was during this time that I found God again. Ive come to realize that material possessions arent important to me anymore which was what ultimately bothered me about being unemployed and the social stigma with being unemployed.

Im sure there are even Catholics on this board who would just consider me a slothful good-for-nothing just because I dont seem outwardly miserable about my situation or have similar feelings about the unemployed.

I look for jobs and send out applications and I am more than willing to work but i am lucky if i ever even get a response back via email.


Good for you. In the meantime, consider training yourself in legitimate resume boosters. Check out how-to manuals, or train-yourself books/manuals at the local library or online. For example, teach yourself HTML or Spanish or plumbing techniques, whatever floats your boat… You can’t become expert this way (I think), but you can definitely pick up some competitive skills.


Very good advice, both from a spiritual and practical level.
As having been once in H.R. I can assure you that any outright lie will come back to haunt you. Even an exaggeration is unlikely not to be noticed in time. Do not do it as you only lie to yourself. I am sure you are not that ordinary if you think carefully about you attributes and skill base. I wish you every success in your job hunting.


I have not heard this advice, nor would I give it. This is a rationalization (“Everybody does it!”). If “everybody” lies, then you should highlight your honesty as your best feature.

And if you lie about being honest… :shrug:

I’ll be honest, there is nothing much that stands out about me if I am truthful about my resume and about myself in job interviews. Even if i ‘exaggerate’ the truths a little.

You need to research the companies you interview with, and show genuine interest in their work. Stand out by showing that you can learn about the product or service you provide.

Some resources:


Oh wow, I literally just had a phone interview just now. God really is looking after me, hopefully this will lead to something, but thanks for the advice.

I tried being completely honest about myself, hopefully all is well.


Lying is never a good thing to do just be honest and things will go your way. Do not go through the trouble of committing a sin. Being truthful will make you a better person it is never good to lie.


My prayer goes with you. I hope for the very best.


Having worked in HR for more years than I care to admit, I’ll be honest with you – you’re just setting yourself up to be fired from any job you do get by lying. And if you’re fired for misconduct – which this is – in most jurisdictions you won’t get unemployment. Additionally, if future potential employers find out that you were fired for misconduct, that’s a huge strike against you.

In other words, it’s not worth it. BTW, it’s NOT true that “everyone does it.”


Praying for you to be employed without having to distort the truth. Try very hard to consider everything you have ever done well, even if it was in a volunteer capacity, and consider the positives of that experience. Do you enjoy people and learning new skills? Do you work hard and are you reliable? These are characteristics that everyone can have and employers want. Remember God created you in His image and He will help you as you go forward, just ask! Praying for you.


I would like to THANK everybody who has been praying for me. It is very much appreciated

Some exciting news. The phone interview I had has been extended to a face to face interview which I attended today. I believe it went quite well. I did not leave the interview feeling like i bombed it at all. Its a completely new field which I applied for very randomly never even expecting to receive a call back.

I was honest and said I had no experience at all or qualifications in said field that I applied for. They told me that the qualifications are secondary to what they were looking for and are really more so wanting someone who would fit in with their small team as full training will be provided.

I think my main downfall though was that I didnt speak a secondary language which it seems most of them are able to do (No i did not lie about being able to speak a second language lol). Either way, just getting the interview felt very good regardless whether or not I will get the job and is a true sign that God has been answering my prayers.

Matt 6: 24 really stood out to me, whether or not i get the job I will not feel miserable about my situation as it just means God most likely has other plans for me and I know he will take care of me.

Once again thank you and please keep the prayers coming.

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