Sin to mention another's faults in confession

So I went to confession to a priest today and I didn’t know what was the right thing to do. I confessed that I had suspicions of a very serious nature about my husband and that it is damaging our relationship. I didn’t want to tell him the details of what the suspicions were, as I felt it would not be fair to my husband (since he is good friends with the priest and it would be detracting to him), and since the suspicions could very well be false. But as I got through with the confession, I felt like I was not being completely honest with him, so I went ahead and gave him details of the suspicions. But then I felt terrible because I felt as though I had just severely detracted from my husband. What’s the right thing to do in this circumstance and did I commit another sin whilst in the confessional???

What did the priest tell you?

Being suspicious isn’t necessarily sinful.

why would you use a priest for Confession when you had these suspicions and you knew he was a good freind of your husband?.Was it not possible to go to another priest and get a more balanced viewwithout maligning your husband> I think there’s alittle bit of malice going on here and spite :frowning:

We go into the confessional to confess our own sins in contrition and repentance to receive forgiveness and absolution from God through the Priest who hears the confession of our sins in Persona Christe.

If the suspicions you have are causing damage to your relationship, you have to resolve them with your husband and hope and pray that if your suspicions of the serious nature are actually true that he will come to repentance and seek forgiveness through the sacrament of reconciliation. Peace, Carlan

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