Sin to miss Church to look after baby?


My sister in law has been in hospital the past few days, (not too sure what is going on so far or how serious it may be but please include her in your prayers) so my brother has been at the hospital for most of the day whilst I have been staying at their house to look after their 1 month old son.

By the looks of it, I think I will be staying over again to look after him on Sunday. Is it a sin for me to miss Church for this reason? Otherwise i am quite disappointed missing out because I actually look forward to Mass on Sundays.

I cant really take him out incase he gets sick. Not only that I have no idea how to look after a baby out in public. I am just managing to do it as it is as i dont have children myself and he is my only nephew so its the first time im doing this. I also dont have the car equipment or would feel comfortable using it safely on my own.


We are excused from Mass when we’re sick, or taking care of someone, or when it’s impossible for us to go. So missing Mass, in the circumstance you describe, is not a sin.


Could you go to the Saturday Vigil Mass?


This wouldn’t be a sin. I mean, if you can have someone else look after the baby, or go at a different time, that would be one thing. But if you can’t go, you can’t go.


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