Sin to own Egyptian statues? Photos?


Is it a sin to have Egyptian statues and photos? I would never pray to them or worship them in anyway, but I have some of king tut and other things on a shelf and I find them interesting, I also want to know if it’s a sin to read about and find the Egyptian culture interesting? I know they were SO BAD and super corrupt and sinful, but a lot of what they believed in and did was interesting, especially the artwork and such, but would this be wrong?


What makes you ask? What commandment do you think this would be grave matter against?

Are you aware of the Vatican museum’s Egyptian collection? Or the Egyptian obelisk in the middle of St Peter’s square at the Vatican? Do these facts point toward something sinful or do they indicate to you that perhaps you are over thinking this?


I have some prints of Hindu deities. They are very beautiful & colorful. I’d be really shocked if it were a sin to have these!


You need to talk to a priest for spiritual direction regarding the topic of scrupulosity.

It’s not a sin to own Egyptian statues. Scrupulosity is a potential manifestation of OCD. It’s kind of like germaphobia but with regards to sin, and it can be a serious hindrance to your spiritual life.


I think it would only be sinful if one worshiped the deities. If you have an interest in ancient history/artwork it’s not a problem. If it was there would be no Catholic archaeologists.


Folks like St. Augustine, St. Clement of Alexandria, and St. Gregory Nazianzen (not to mention St. Paul!) have taught us that anything good or beautiful or true that was made by pagans is something that Christians can use for their good, too.

Topically for you, this concept is often called “the spoils of the Egyptians,” after the way the Israelites got goodies from all their Egyptian neighbors and then used them to build the Ark of the Covenant, the Tabernacle, and other holy things.

So of course Egyptian history and mythology are suitable things for a Christian to study, because they teach us true things about what humans have done and thought and imagined.


The very straight forward answers to your very straight forward questions are answered very simply:

No…there is no moral issue to owning reproductions of ancient Egyptian art.

There is no problem in reading and studying about the history and culture of ancient Egypt.


Well, it depends. Simple ownership and appreciating beatific art and culture is one thing, but if one becomes tempted to “take a stab at trying a new spiritual path” I’d be weary and probably throw them out.

Imagine you have a statue of the Hindu diety ganesha (the destroyer of obstacles) and you notice you have quite a few obstacles in your own life. If you were tempted to seek his help that wouldn’t be a very wise Catholic move.


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