Sin tracking Application?

Hi there, I am eight months Roman Catholic, and am learning so much. I have been frequently taking part in the Sacrament of Reconcilliation, so no trouble there. It’s been hard to remember all of my sins so I can fully confess all of my sins. I wonder… I have an android phone and am asking if there is an application that I could buy that allows me to keep record of my sins. Is there one out there that’s really good?

I have an Android too. Just do a search in the marketplace for Confession App. I think it’s wonderful. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to more securely buy that App than having to purchase it on the phone?

It seems dangerous to be taping in credit card numbers over the phone.

I have an iphone and I can buy apps directly out of itunes on my laptop. I imagine the android market works the same way. In any case, when I buy something over my phone, I don’t have to enter credit card information. It’s stored on my apple account. I simply have to input my apple password.

There’s this free one for the iPod/iPhone/iPad/iWhatever-is-next, called “Mea Culpa”, you can select the sins you’ve commited for better remembrance your next confession. Now mind you, I don’t see what’s wrong with a pen and paper, and writing them down, but hey. YMMV.

Don’t you have a notepad app built in? Just use that. :shrug:

Yeah, a pen and paper works just fine… but I am not always going to have pen and paper readily on hand. That’s why I think the app (that I bought) works great. I always have my phone on me, so there we go. Thanks for the recommendation for the Confession App.

Just my thought, but keeping a record of your sins might not be a good idea for everyone…I know a lot of people who could start building up a really good scrupulosity complex if they stopped and wrote down every sin or possible sin after they committed it.

Not that writing down stuff when doing an examination of conscience prior to confession is a bad thing. But keeping a constant running record…I would use with care. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be me:blush:

Mmm, from my own experience, I found I started getting really scrupulous if I started writing down my sins. Plus, there’s always the risk someone else using the iPad could find the file containing the sin list, etc.

Just remember that any list of sins kept on a hard drive is pretty much there forever. Unlike the sacrament, hard drives have no inviolable seal. And if the hard drive is connected to a network, your sins may end up on the Internet forever. And hackers are legion. (Or should I say, Legion?)

My iPhone doesn’t have enough memory to run a “sin tracking app”…:blush:


Good old fashioned memory was good enough for the Church Fathers, Saints and Popes. I expect the same is true here.

It’s probably best to take time before Confession to pray to the Holy Spirit to bring to mind the sins you need to confess. Remember, you only HAVE to confess mortal sins. It’s a good idea to also confess any habitual venial sins because the priest can help you overcome those.

If you do write down your sins, or even enter them in some sort of app, destroy them immediately after you confess them. Also be extremely careful that no one can view/read them. The Seal of Confession applies to the confessor but also to the one confessing.


But what if you could bring your phone to confession, tap it against the priest’s tablet and have all your sins transferred? Be a great time saver for the busy sinner on the go.

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