Sin vs. Personality Flaw

Why can’t some people see things logically and objectively? Why some people get so emotional in arguments and some people even go as far as resorting to personal jabs? Sometimes I do not understand why people get offended over certain things. Or make certain decisions, then become upset, angry or cry over the decision. Do they deserve comfort, sympathy,etc? Another thing, being Christian is truly about being a kind person – why all this extra fluff and controversy? Why can’t people see their own faults, is it really just stubbornness, lack of honesty within themselves or do they honestly think they are right?

Self deception is a big problem. According to the enneagram it is the mark of an unhealthy type 3. But this trait is unfortunately universal in humans. The first step to becoming a good person ( overcoming the ego) is sincerity.

Personally speaking? I have cognitive distortions that are part of my anxiety and depression. I’m also bipolar. Sometimes, when I’m manic, I can engage in reckless behaviors with an irrationally high self esteem and show poor judgment. When I cycle out of mania, I realize that I totally messed up. I have perfection issues due to my cognitive distortions so I am extremely hard on myself so I will be very upset that I made mistakes, so I will cry, become angry, and upset. :shrug:

Hey. Leggo my ego!!


Seriously, we all have flawed personalities, because of our flawed minds living in flawed human heads. That is not our fault, morally.

Sin is, because it is a conscious choice to do what we know at the time to be wrong. You cannot sin retroactively or unconsciously. It is a choice you make. Personality flaw is not.


The older I get the more I come to realise just how different people are from each other or, to put it another way, how unique each individual is. Others do not behave like you because they are not you. Time spent wondering about someone else’s thought processes and emotions is time wasted. You are answerable for yourself before God not for anyone else. Examine your own flaws, the log in your eye, and seek with God’s help to remove them. When you are perfect it will be time enough to worry about the state of your neighbours soul.

I’ve often thought of this. Which is it? Sin? Personality flaw? A little of both? I suppose the personality may be to blame, since it takes a certain personality to commit a certain sin. It’s in the mind first, then the actions. It’s a fine line.

That is very true. But I think you should always worry about your neighbor’s soul, not in a judgmental way, wouldn’t you want everyone you know to go to heaven? I get what you are saying though. You will never be ever able to understand why people feel, interpret or react the way they do. They just do it. Sometimes I cannot even discover the root to my own issues.

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