An idea popped linto my head today which helped me to understand sin better.

I have been confused as to why I sin even though I had been in or still are in a state of grace. It seemed to me that I should be protected somehow from sinning because I was in a state of grace. Of course we know that is not true but I kind of hoped it was true.

Being in a state of grace will not prevent or stop a person from sinning. I do believe being in a state of grace can remove alot of temptations but due to free will one can still sin. But, and this is the important part: Being in a state of grace gives a person the necessary willpower ( or whatever you want to call it) to not sin. Yes, grace helps us to not sin.

So now when I am about to sin I know for certain I can beat it if I want to.


***I forget where, but the Bible does say that God will not let any temptation fall upon you that you will be unable to cope with. You’ve just figured something out that is in the Bible, that’s incredible! :blessyou: ***

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