Is it more sinful to talk about a priest than other people. For example I was crabby with a priest for some plans getting goofed up. Its just kind of the way he is he flip flops and doesn’t stick with the plan and doesn’t seem to realize that it affects other peoples plans too. Anyway I was frustrated and was complaining about it to someone else. I know it was gossip, but I am wondering if it is more of a sin because I was talking about a priest. If I have to mention not only gossip/complaining but that it was about a priest, I will.

No it is not worse…All gossip is to be avoided…


Well, if you were actually gossiping, you did sin. Gossiping is a sin and we should never be talking about other people in a bad way. Priests are human and make mistakes. Instead of getting frustrated with him, you should pray for him. What you do to a Priest you do to Jesus because he takes Christ’ place. Hope this helps. God bless.

While gossip (that is to say spiteful tittle-tattle designed to cast other people in a bad light maliciously or pruriently) isn’t acceptable, you are entitled to complain if you feel messed about. Only you can tell if what you were saying about your apparently lackadaisical priest was unkind or simply normal conversation.

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